The Sacred Knowledge of Manifesting

These days we take manifesting for granted. Ever since books like The Secret came out, manifesting knowledge is prevalent. While most everyone in the metaphysical community knows about it, there are still many people who don’t, particularly those in the mainstream. Even though the information is readily available now, it wasn’t always that way.

In the distant past if you knew about manifesting you were probably considered a witch and we know what happened to witches over the centuries. Hence, if anyone knew about it, they kept quiet or spread the word with only a few trusted people.

At one time, though, teaching how to manifest was more common.

Thousands of years ago there were mystery schools. Their purpose was to teach sacred knowledge to a select few and later to preserve it. When it was no longer safe to openly spread this knowledge, it went underground so the information could be preserved without penalty.

There are many theories as to how, who, when and where this sacred knowledge came from so its source is up for debate. Why the knowledge existed was for the betterment of mankind. That leaves us with what.

What is this sacred knowledge?

No one knows for sure the totality of the what. However, over the millennia some sacred knowledge has emerged: manifesting. This was kept hidden from the masses for years. Suffice it to say it was hidden to keep mankind unempowered and unaware that we are creators.

Knowing about Manifesting was Dangerous

Going back thousands of years when mankind was in a dark and repressed state, word did not get out that we create our own reality. In fact, if you told a person that back then they would wonder what was wrong with you. They’d look at you like you were crazy.

Depending on the era, you could’ve been locked up or killed just for saying those words. In the Dark and Middle Ages, it would’ve been considered heresy or blasphemy. Even the now-famous Galileo was imprisoned for saying the earth revolves around the sun, not the other way around as was commonly believed at the time.

When the majority of mankind did not know what manifesting was, there were always some people who did. They kept the knowledge hidden to preserve it for future generations. If the knowledge were out in the open, they would’ve been killed and the knowledge destroyed. It was that dangerous so they kept it hidden for posterity. The people who kept it hidden were part of Mystery Schools. (I’ll write about that in the future.)

Why is it Called Sacred?

The knowledge was considered sacred because knowing you create your own reality is key to empowerment. Back then the world was not empowered because basically it was not its destiny to be empowered.

The Earth and humanity go through cycles of development. At that point in our history, we were in a dis-empowered phase. We have been in empowered phases before, but it has been many thousands of years. We are becoming empowered again now which is why you hear the earth is ascending. It means we are on the up cycle to being conscious, aware, empowered beings again that know we create our own reality. Knowing that is true freedom. We can be thankful that the earth is on the up-swing so that we have this sacred knowledge readily available at our fingertips today.

Some of the truths about manifesting started leaking out into the mainstream in the 1960s. With every passing decade more and more information came out until where we’re at now.

Back when The Secret and Law of Attraction books came out, they were treated as something new and unheard of. Actually, the knowledge has been around for millennia, it was just hidden from us. The books laid out the material in an easy-to-understand format available to everyone, not just a special few. In that sense, they were ground-breaking.

Anything and everything you want to know about manifesting is available for free or paid. Now we can all enjoy and employ this sacred knowledge of manifesting.

Manifesting is Empowering

The reason that the knowledge of manifesting is so valuable is because it places the power back in our hands. When a person is dis-empowered they don’t know or understand that they create their own reality or that only they can truly affect change in themselves and their situation. We say we know it, but most of us don’t really know it because we haven’t been taught it. We’ve been taught the opposite. It’s no one’s fault, it’s just the way it’s been for thousands of years.

You’ve heard the buzz that the earth is ascending, we are ascending, we are waking up, becoming more conscious. All of that is true. The crux of waking up and ascending is realizing that you create your own reality, then learning how to do it. Today we call it manifesting.

Manifesting Provides Freedom

Think about the freedom that manifesting provides. Would you rather spend your time worrying whether you’ll get that new car or new job? As a result, you spend sleepless nights or get indigestion. Or would you rather free up your mental and emotional bandwidth to delight in imagining what it will be like when you get it?

Would you rather bust it eight hours a day to impress your boss, get a raise or be assigned to an exciting new project or sit back and visualize it coming true?

Would you rather spend countless hours writing up boring business and marketing plans for your new venture or rely on your intuition to guide you while using your knowledge of manifesting to make it happen?

Would you rather join online dating sites only to be disappointed or manifest a new partner with barely any effort?

Need I say more?

Let Go and Manifest

Whoever these people were over the millennia preserving sacred knowledge for us, especially manifesting, I am eternally grateful. I’ve been there, done that, as far as using the SMART method to obtain a goal and logic my way through life.

It worked for a while until it didn’t. That’s when I realized I’d been using my intuition much more than I noticed. It’s also when I came to grips with the fact that while I can be very logical, I am also a highly creative person who doesn’t fit well into the corporate mold being told when and how to do something.

Creative types like to do things their way when they feel like it. Logical people may look at them and think they’re lazy or can’t take direction. While it may seem that way to them, really, creative people are following their gut. They pursue their dreams on a distinctive path from the rest. One is not better, just different.  

Creative people harness their energy to focus; they don’t need to be told to do so. Their passion is their motivation, not pep talks or bosses breathing down their necks. When the passion strikes, they work. It could be into the wee hours of the night not punching a clock. When they reach a lull, they re-charge, not get written up for lack of productivity.

All of this is not to say that more logically minded people can’t manifest. Of course, they can. To me it seems that creative people have a slight advantage because they are already powered by their passion, not a boss or a schedule.  Even logical people can learn to let go and get what they want in life effortlessly by manifesting.

Thank goodness this sacred knowledge was preserved. Enjoy it to fulfill your dreams.

If you need that extra “oomph” to manifest, consult your most valuable asset, your intuition. It will know. It will guide you.

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