Notice it, but Don’t Notice it

Manifesting is simple in theory, but often more complicated in practice.

It’s easy to say, “Don’t think negatively” but harder to do.  It’s easy to recommend stop doubting, but can be difficult to implement.

Focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want is a basic manifesting principle. That includes eliminating doubts and second guessing. The more you’re not sure that you’ll get something, how can you be sure that you’ll get it?

The reason to keep thoughts clear and free of doubt is due to the principle of “Like attracts like.” Since our thoughts are magnetic, they literally attract the same vibrational thoughts. If you have doubt, you’ll attract more doubt.

Noticing It is Not Helping

A close cousin to doubting is noticing that you don’t have it yet. The more you notice what you don’t have, the more you won’t get it. Yes, that is a very frustrating catch-22.

It’s good to notice, but not notice.

Wait, what?

Sometimes Noticing Is Helpful

It’s not productive to keep noticing that you don’t have it yet. Sometimes, however, we notice things because it’s a sign that we need to take action. As we know, the last step in manifesting is taking action. Things can’t come into being without some form of action being taken. It’s like the lotto ticket example. You can’t win the lotto unless you buy a ticket! To win, you have to take the action of buying the ticket.  If you want to lose weight, you have to take action like get moving or eat less.

Sometimes, however, we notice things because it’s a symptom of something larger. Years ago, I had a client who told me in passing that her hair was falling out. She said that her last coach repeatedly told her that her hair was falling out because she kept noticing that it was falling out. According to the law of attraction that makes sense, right? The more you notice your hair is falling out gives energy to the fact that it’s falling out and can cause it to continue to do so.

What some die-hard law of attraction fans fail to realize is that is a blanket statement that must be fine- tuned. Yes, it’s true, the more you notice what you don’t have or don’t want, it increases the chances that you will not receive it.

Noticing Can Bring You Closer to a Solution

However, as I said above, sometimes you must notice it because it’s a sign or a symptom. Sometimes noticing your negative thoughts is a sign that it’s time to stop having them. The action is to stop them.

Other times it’s important to notice because it’s a physical symptom that something is wrong or out of balance. While it’s true that your thoughts ultimately cause your physical issues, the physical still needs to be addressed.

In the case of my client, it turns out that her thyroid was low. She didn’t know she had thyroid issues. Her low thyroid was causing her hair to fall out, not her thoughts. True, her thoughts may not have helped the issue, but they did not cause the hair loss.

If we go by the premise that our thoughts cause our physical issues, then yes, she probably had some thoughts somewhere along the way that lowered her thyroid. Since she didn’t know what those thoughts were and because it could take a while to reverse them, it was prudent to get her thyroid addressed. Which she did. Then her hair stopped falling out.

If you’ve ever had a thyroid issue or know someone who has then you’ll know a low thyroid doesn’t just cause hair loss but many other things as well that can reduce overall functioning. Hair loss is an obvious issue that gets your attention. It’s crying out to you, “Hey, get checked out! Something is up!” In that case, noticing hair loss is a good thing because it causes you to delve deeper into your health.

Sometimes Positive Thoughts Aren’t Enough

Once the thyroid is addressed, many other health issues will right themselves too. Then guess what?  You won’t need to keep thinking about it and noticing it because the hair loss has stopped. In a case like this you can think positively about your hair all you want, but until it’s physically addressed, your thoughts may not have much impact.

Yes, it is possible to stimulate hair growth with just your thoughts, at least I truly believe that, but it’s not something that most of us are capable of at this time. If it were me, I would address the thyroid issue however I saw fit (herbs, medication etc.) to get some relief from the issues that it causes. Then I would focus my energies on healing the thyroid. It’s hard to heal yourself if you are depleted and don’t feel well. It’s not impossible, but it’s harder to do.

To continue with the thyroid for a minute, what if your goal is to lose weight but no matter what you do, you can’t drop a few pounds? As a result, you obsess on that fact. The more you notice you can’t lose weight you block yourself from losing weight. But what if you can’t lose weight because your thyroid is low? In that case noticing the fact that you can’t lose weight is a good thing because it alerts you to a deeper problem, a physical issue that you can address.

What if your goal is to save money but despite your efforts, you just can’t do it and as a result you beat yourself up for it? Noticing that you can’t save money is a good thing because it can signal a larger issue. Maybe you don’t know how to budget. Maybe you don’t know how to shop wisely. There could be any number of things preventing you from saving money. Your job, then, is to figure out where your weakness lies and resolve it. If it’s something as simple as your credit card interest rate is too high causing you to make large payments every month, thus depleting your ability to save, shop for a lower interest rate card.

Instead of wasting energy beating yourself up for it, doesn’t it feel better to find a solution? In this case noticing your habits is a good thing because it the answer can bring you closer to your goals.

Whenever you aren’t reaching your goal, aren’t getting what you want, notice it, analyze what the issue is, then find a solution. Once you have a solution, you won’t need to keep noticing that you don’t have it yet, because by then you probably will!

If you’re not sure if what you’re noticing is a sign or a symptom, ask your intuition. It will know. It will guide you.

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