Hope Doesn’t Produce Results

Sometimes it’s obvious what we’re doing wrong to thwart ourselves, our goals in life.  Addictions, not paying attention to things, blaming, judging etc. Other times it’s the little things like our words that stop us from getting what we want.

Don’t underestimate the power of words. They can make or break a situation.

One to watch out for is hope.

Hope is that wishy-washy saying on a greeting card: “I hope you feel better!” Or your throw-away comment to someone having a bad day: “I hope it works out well!”

Hoping = Wishing

Hope is wishing something might happen. Usually something that you want to happen. But it’s not concrete. It doesn’t mean it will happen. It doesn’t mean it won’t happen. It’s in that gray zone. The gray zone that you can’t control, that you can’t know for sure will happen. It’s not certain, in other words.

Hope has good intentions. It’s being optimistic – or so we’ve been told. It can also be the opposite: “I hope it doesn’t happen!”  Either way it’s still out of our control.

When you really want something to happen, as in manifesting, don’t say, “I hope I’ll be rich one day!” or “I hope I’ll meet the perfect guy.” That’s leaving it to chance. It doesn’t get you anywhere. It’s a flimsy desire.

Be Bold

When you really want something, effective words are required. Not hope. Nothing against that four- letter word, but you need something stronger. It’s like going for the beer when you really want the whiskey. Or pulling out a twenty when you really need a hundred.

Pull out all the stops.

Be definite.

Be bold.

Be strong.


Because hope doesn’t produce results.

It makes you think it will. It sounds all nice. It cheers you up on the get-well card. It makes you feel a little better when your day is going south. It makes you want to hang onto it like the last crumb. It’s almost as if you’re desperate when you say to yourself, “I hope it will get better, I really do!” Who are you convincing? That didn’t convince me. It’s putting a wish out there that isn’t backed up with action or confidence.

It’s not the life preserver. You may think so, but it’s not. It’s the appetizer, not the main course. When you’re really hungry, the appetizer just won’t do.

Stop hoping and start doing. Know the outcome will happen. Be certain.

Be Certain

“I don’t hope I can do this; I AM doing it.” Take the steps to make it happen, even if it’s confidence in your mind for now.

“I don’t hope this will work out; I am making it work out.” By taking the steps to make it happen.

If your boss asks you if something will work out or you’ll hit your numbers, wrong answer is, “I hope so!” That won’t float. Give him and yourself the confidence by saying it will work out and here’s how. People may not always pay attention to words, but trust me, your boss will notice the word “hope.”

Words don’t have control, actions do. Words can give the illusion of control, but only action puts you in the game. Are you doing it or not? Are you thinking about it? Are you just hoping for it?

Don’t hope, do.

If it’s something that isn’t here yet, take the actions to get it. If you’re working on manifesting it, words can influence the outcome because they influence your state of mind. Expect it to happen, don’t hope for it. Hoping is not as definite as expecting. Knowing is even more definite than expecting. Know it will happen. Then there’s no room for doubt.

As I writer I pay particular attention to words. I am careful with what I say. I am deliberate in what I write. Most people, I realize, are not as precise.  For the best results we should all be more exacting with our words when it comes to our desires.

Don’t Use Words Randomly

Words are not some careless thing to throw around. Words can hurt. Words can inspire. Words can manifest. Or not. That is why it’s important to pick your words wisely.

If we really want something to happen, we don’t leave it to chance. Don’t leave it to chance with your words either. Use them to your advantage. When you think, when you write, particularly affirmations, and when you speak. When you are manifesting make sure to use not only positive words, but strong words. Knowing words.

There are many words like hope that aren’t intrinsically bad, they just aren’t what you need to produce the best results.

Our brain processes all the nuances of a word whether we realize it or not. It stores it like a super computer, using what it needs. Your mood can change in an instant all from one word.  One word can make or break a deal, get us banished from a kingdom in days of old, or cause you to lose your lover. That’s how powerful words are.

Hope Isn’t Committed

When you use the word hope your brain computes that as, “She/he isn’t really that committed. They just want something to happen but they’re not really doing anything about it. Ok, don’t take her/him seriously. When he or she is ready I’ll know because their choice of words will change. Or they’ll start doing something.”

When we sign a contract of any kind it’s about the actions that we can or cannot take. It’s not about what we might do. Even a restraining order doesn’t say, “In case you want to stalk that person, you can’t.” No, the language is more defined: “You cannot stalk this person.”

Like a software programmer, give your brain the proper commands to achieve the results you want. Programmers know the slightest change in language can lead to a big consequence. Be the same way. Don’t hope. Because then you might not get what you want. Be specific. Expect. Know.

Just remember: hope doesn’t produce results. Knowing or doing does.

Sometimes we can pay attention to our words and figure it out. Other times, we’re not sure. What to do then? Ask your intuition!

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