Turn On Your Heart Light

“Turn on your heartlight

Let it shine wherever you go

Let it make a happy glow

For all the world to see”

Neil Diamond was onto something when he wrote those words.

As part of our life purpose and ascension it is our duty to turn up and on our light. Whether Neil Diamond meant that or not when he wrote those lyrics, that’s what those words are saying. Turn on your heart light, people.

Do I Have a Heart Light?

Yes. We all do.

We are made of energy. As such, whether we realize it or not we can all sense that energy. When we walk into a room and feel the mood of the people, we are reading energy.

Our heart may not be literally made of light, but it does conduct an electrical signal. That’s how an EKG works; it monitors the electrical activity of the heart. People subconsciously pick up on its energetic output.

We also emit light energy. We have light energy inside us that’s partly emitted from our DNA and fills the space around us. That’s what an aura is, it captures the light energy around a person. Some people can see them, others can sense them.  It’s a window not only into our current mood but our spiritual level of advancement as well.

How do You do Turn on Your Heart Light?

Easy. Intention. When you wake up in the morning, before you go into a crowded area, or on your way to work, set the intention to turn up your light or turn on your heart light. When you become more sensitive to it you might notice it increasing whether a feeling or visually. Others will feel it whether they realize it or not.

How do you get it brighter?

Inner work. It always goes back to that, I know. That’s why I keep emphasizing it. Clear out more junk, do more releasing and letting go. Become more aware. If you want to read about increasing your consciousness, CLICK HERE.  

The more attuned you are, the higher your vibration, the greater your light will be. Others may perceive it with comments such as they like being around you or you have such great energy. The higher your vibration, the more people will want to be around you or find your company gratifying. Turn up your vibe by turning on that heart light every day.

Why do You Want to Turn it on?

For one it has the added benefit of people wanting to be around you or liking you. It can attract people to you whether friends or lovers.

On a grander scale the more people that become aware, raise their vibration, turn on their heart light, the easier it will be to ascend individually and collectively. You’ve probably heard me or others talk about how the world is ascending. The world is raising its vibration partly due to more people becoming aware. They’re increasing their consciousness as I mention HERE. This helps everyone when you choose to do this work.

What Does this Work Mean?

Making conscious decisions, not just running your life on auto-pilot as so many of us do. It means becoming more in tune with yourself and your intuition, your connection to the Divine. As I’ve said many times, when we run our life according to our intuition, our life flows. Instead of the giant highs and lows our life flows like a gentle wave. It becomes harmonious. We become more content or chill. The little things don’t bother us. We see the bigger picture of life.

That means things in our life are going well. We’re not experiencing major setbacks or misfortunes. We’re aware of potential pitfalls before they happen to skirt disaster. We make better decisions which leads to better outcomes all because we’re plugged in to Universal guidance.

Doesn’t that sound like a dream life? You can have it too if you don’t already!

Start by being more aware. Follow the guidance HERE.

Practical Applications

Turning on our heart light has many practical applications.

Set that intention to turn on your heart light before you go out. It will make your experience much more pleasant because not only will you feel better, you will attract people to you. Getting into our heart always puts us in a better mood and people are attracted to that. Our energy will feel calmer and smoother to them vs choppy and erratic. They may not consciously be aware what they’re picking up, but they’re picking it up nonetheless.

Even doing it at home helps because you’re sending your good vibes out to your neighbors as well as to those who live with you. Even pets. The added benefit is making your home life more enjoyable and less stressful.

It’s hard not to notice the drivers seem to be getting crazier around here. As a way to minimize crazy drivers near me I turn on my heart light when I get into the car. I send out love and light to my fellow drivers. If they want to drive like a crazy person, ok, just please don’t do it around me. It takes the stress out of my driving experience.

If you want to nail that job interview or have someone place an order with you, turn on your heart light. There are no guarantees but it could tip the scale in your favor for success.

Love Really is All

This isn’t manipulation. It’s getting into your heart, the center of our consciousness and seat of love. The world would be a much different place if we all came from our heart instead of lies, manipulation, violence, cruelty etc. That’s where I and many others believe our world is headed – to a place of love. But to get there we have to do our part by coming from this place. Realize you have a heart light, then turn it on. Remember to come from that space, not one of judgment or blame or hate. It’s much easier not to react when we come from a place of love.

There are so many great songs about love but I won’t get cheesy on you and quote another one. Ok, except one.  The title says it all: “Love is All You Need” by the Beatles. If you find yourself having a bad day or in a challenging situation, use that as your mantra to help you get into your heart space. The world will thank you for it. I thank you for it.

If you’re not sure if you have a heart light or what to do about it, what do you do? Ask your intuition!

If you’re not sure how to do that, I can help you.

Many of my clients have said that they want to learn how to develop their intuition. Because of that, I developed this easy-to-follow do it at your own pace, online course. It’s packed with tips, hacks and how-to exercises.

If you want to confirm that you have it, learn how to listen to it, how to talk to it and how to trust it start by CLICKING HERE.

Once you start listening to your intuition, you’ll be amazed how much your life clicks into place. Then you can truly start enjoying yourself and get what you want out of life!

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