What Are You Looking At?

Did you know that your observation determines your vibration?

You’ve probably heard these phrases from Law of Attraction followers: What you think about, you bring about. Where attention goes, energy flows.

What all this is saying is that what you pay attention to – whether it’s your neighbor telling you her sad story or reading the headlines in the news or listening to a podcast – effects your thoughts, which effects your mood, which is basically your vibration.

Common sense tells us if we want to have a good day, we do what? We think positive thoughts. To make sure we think lots of positive thoughts we need positive input. That means surrounding ourselves with positive people as best as we can, listening to uplifting music or reading empowering messages etc. What we put in, is what we put out.

Meaning, if you think positive thoughts, you’re putting out positive vibrations. If you put out positive vibrations not only do you stay in a good place, you help others get there too by simply being around you.

So, You Had a Bad Day

We all know if we listen to the doom and gloom on the news it brings us down. Or talking to that whiny neighbor or refereeing our kids’ squabbles. Some of it can’t be helped, especially if you’re a parent. Sort the kids out, then go back to being positive. Lend your neighbor a compassionate ear, then go take a walk to ground yourself.

Because if you don’t re-center yourself, then you end up having a bad day. And who wants to have a bad day?

We get caught up in our busy lives and let the day’s frustrations get to us. Then before we know it the day is over and we conclude we “had a bad day.”

We don’t have to have a bad day.

Make the Shift

Re-focus. Adjust your attention. Notice what you’re observing – the kids fighting? The neighbor whose life always seems to go wrong? The news? The dog peeing in the house again?

Science tells us nothing happens until we observe it. Yeah, I know, that sounds really freaky, doesn’t it? Have I gone off the sci-fi deep-end? No, I haven’t.

Have you heard of the famous “double-slit” experiment? It originally took place in the early 1900s (or 1800s depending on the source) and was replicated later on. If you don’t know about it, you can read about it here. Scroll to the very end if you don’t want to read the details.

In summary it says, “The photons act as a wave when not being observed and act as particles when they are being observed.” You don’t need to worry about photons, waves or particles to get the gist: things act one way when we pay attention to or observe them and another way when we don’t. Bam.

There’s your scientific proof. If you pay attention to negative things, talk to negative, draining people, it will bring you down. Yes, your mama probably told you that, but moms have a lot of wisdom we often overlook or forget. Mom was right all along and she probably didn’t know science backed her up!

Apply it to Manifesting

Let’s apply this concept to manifesting. Let’s say you want to make $100,000. If you’re noticing, or observing that your bank account doesn’t say that, what are you doing? You’re focusing on what you don’t have and what you don’t want. The more you pay attention to that, the more you’ll get just that – not $100,000. And, it can cause you to be in a bad mood, think negative defeating thoughts, which lowers your vibration. What we pay attention to, we get.

So, if you want to make $100,000 re-focus your attention. Don’t look at your dwindling bank account because you’ll get more of that. Science just proved that. Instead, turn your attention to thinking about making that money. Think of how you can do it, devise a strategy then carry it out. Read stories about successful people. Talk to successful friends or business associates.

The more we line up with what we want, the more things start moving in that direction. Ever notice that?

It’s because you’re putting your focus on what you desire so the universe brings you more of it. Science just told you that’s true.

Ever Buy a Car?

It’s like when you’re thinking about buying a certain type of car or just bought one, then you notice everyone else has that car. Ever experience that? A few years ago, my sister bought a Nissan Rogue. After she told me, for weeks I noticed them everywhere. Two next to each other at a stoplight, one in front of me. They were everywhere! It’s because I was thinking about them, I noticed them. I’m sure there were plenty of Rogues on the road before then, after all, they are a popular car, but I didn’t pay any mind to it. Now, they were popping up like mushrooms!

The same can be said of making your $100,000. The more you start thinking about it and devise strategies you may “suddenly happen upon” an article that leads you to a new idea. Or a friend may “just happen to” introduce you to someone who can help you with your new business idea. There are no coincidences, my friends. This is the universe lining things up for you because you are shifting your attention to your desires.

You may have already known that basic tenant of Law of Attraction, “what you think about, you bring about,” or you remember your mama’s wisdom. But we forget. I’m here to not only remind you, but let you know there’s actual science to back it up! For those of you logical thinkers who want the facts, there you go.

So, it really is true, where attention goes, energy flows. Notice what you’re paying attention to so you get what you want, even if it’s just to have a good day.