The Possibilities are Endless

Possibilities are Like an Endless Buffet

Whatever you desire in life is waiting for you. Waiting for what, you ask?

For you to choose. The greatest gift we have is choice. I can’t stress that enough.  Until you make a choice, your desires won’t come true.

All of our desires lay waiting for us in the quantum field, which is an energetic field of possibilities to put it simply. Whatever you want in life is like an endless buffet. There’s lots of options that look delicious. But until you put one on your plate, it’s not a choice.

Get Clear First

Our options, like the never-ending buffet, are literally endless. Whatever you want can come true. But to do so first you must get clear on what you want. I know that sounds simple, but oftentimes we’re not sure. We think we want this, but the more we think about it, no, we really want that. Something sounds good but the more we talk about it, we’ve talked ourselves out of it because it’s not what we truly desire. Sometimes, to get clear, we have to start with what we don’t want. That’s ok. It’s a way of defining our desires. It’s reverse-engineering. Sometimes you start at the end to get to the beginning.

If that helps you get clear, ask yourself what you don’t want. Put it down on paper, type it on your phone, send yourself a voice recording. Once you see the list of what you don’t want, what you do want will start to shake out. Your desires will become more defined.

Then Choose

To follow our analogy, while you’re thinking about what you want, you’re looking at all of those enticing dishes, “Hmm, which one do I want?” “Which ones looks the tastiest?” “Which one is the most appealing?” Once you know that, now you choose.

Like making a new selection on the buffet, you can always choose again. Choices aren’t permanent. They may have long-lasting effects, but you can always make a new choice.

Choosing Is Under-rated

Choosing is a subtle and often overlooked step in life. Why? Because we make so many choices every day, we don’t even realize we’re making them. Think about your morning routine. First, you get out of bed. That was a choice. You may not look at it that way, but it is. “Of course, I have to get out of bed, I have to go to work!” Yes, but it’s a choice. You’re making that choice to go to work so you can get paid. Even if you “have” to do it, you still made the choice to do it.

There are other choices. You can call in sick. You can quit. You can start your own business. You can live off of other people. I’m not saying those are “good” choices, but they’re choices. You’re making a choice to get up and go to work. That’s your first choice of the day – get out of bed so you can go to work.

Then you choose to brush your teeth. Yep, that’s a choice too. Ok, you may be thinking I’m crazy now. “Of course, I brush my teeth in the morning, who doesn’t!?” True, most people do, but it’s still a choice. It’s better for your dental hygiene if you do, but it’s still a choice. You could choose to skip a day. You could choose to wait until after lunch to brush your teeth for the first time of the day. You have choices. Most of us decide to do it when we get out of bed, but it’s still a choice.

See what I mean?

So Many Choices!

We make so many little choices every day that we don’t even realize they’re choices. Those are the small ones.

It’s when we get to the big choices that we “choke” or get butterflies in our stomach or meet a wall of resistance. In those times, the choice must be deliberate, intentional and conscious. You have to choose what you want to do for a career. No one else can choose for you. Maybe after a few years you decide you don’t like your career. That’s ok. What do you do then? You make another choice. Choice being the key word again.

Life is a series of choices.

When a psychic reads for you they’re reading the most likely possibility, they’re seeing the dish you’re most likely to pick to go back to that analogy. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. Whatever a psychic sees for you may not come true if you make a different, wait for it…. choice!

If a psychic suggests you go to a certain party because you’ll meet someone there and you decide not to go, then you may not meet them. Not because they were wrong, but because you made a different choice by not going.

All choices have consequences.

There are No Bad Choices

Bottom line is there are no “wrong” or “bad” choices. Choices are neutral. It’s what meaning you assign to them that makes them “good” or “bad.”

Going back to the endless buffet analogy, there are so many appetizing dishes it’s hard to choose so you load up your plate. By sampling a few you figure out which ones aren’t as good as they looked and which ones are. The “bad choice” comes in when you decide to eat so much you have to roll out of there and loosen a button on your waistband. It was a choice to over-eat, maybe not your finest moment, but it was a choice.  We call it bad because now our stomach is uncomfortable. A full, bloated stomach is the consequence of the choice to over-eat.

Look at your possibilities. Try them on. Does it feel good to become a computer programmer? Does it feel good to marry this person? If it takes you a while to decide, that’s ok. Try the options on metaphorically, see what they feel like. The more you try on like shopping for clothes, you figure out what you don’t want and end up with what you do want.

Once you know what you want, choose it. Like buying clothes, once you know what you want, what’s the next step? You pay for it. Paying for it is choosing to own it.

Think of possibilities as buffets or endless rows of clothes, whatever analogy you prefer. Try them all on. Savor their deliciousness. Love the way they look on you – or not. Then pick the one you want, which is a choice.  

It’s better to have a choice, than not. I’m thankful we have so many choices every day.