Mirror Flames

Many people believe in or believe they are in a twin flame relationship. A twin flame is a soul that split into two to make two similar halves. Twin flame relationships can be very challenging because while the love may be the most passionate ever, it is also the most intense relationship. Why? Because you’re basically in a relationship with yourself. Everything you don’t like about yourself is in your other half. Talk about infuriating, right?

Want to know what’s even more infuriating?

Your mirror flame.

Something that came up in a recent phone reading I thought might interest you: mirror flames. I have never heard of a mirror flame. I was told it is like a twin flame in that a soul split into the two of you, but instead of being the same, two peas in a pod, you are opposites. Opposite peas in a pod. Or two peas in an opposite pod.

Opposites Attract – and Frustrate

We’ve all heard the saying, “Opposites attract.” That is true, they do. They can co-exist, but not without their challenges. Think of that old TV show and movie, The Odd Couple. One was a slob, the other super neat. One liked to cook and eat healthy, the other existed on hot dogs and junk. It was a constant struggle between the two of them. Imagine you’re the neat one living with a slob. Frustrating! Or the slob wondering why the neat one is always pressuring you to pick up your dirty socks!

In the end, you love them anyway. You can’t imagine life without them.

Having been married for over twenty years I can tell you in the big scheme of life, dirty socks on the floor, while irritating, isn’t the end of the world. You pick them up and move on. That’s the secret to a long relationship – don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s the big stuff that matters. And it’s true.

Two opposites can get on each other’s nerves because you are so different. Think dirty socks on the floor is ok vs isn’t ok. Yet you’re very similar at times. Does that sound familiar? Then you might be in a relationship with your mirror flame.

You Wouldn’t Trade Your Mirror Flame for Anything!

Your mirror flame will enrage you because they don’t see things your way. Then another time they’ll surprise you with their thoughtfulness. It’s like being on a roller coaster that you don’t really like, but when it’s over you’ll gladly ride it again.

The challenges with your mirror soul may bring you more grief than you had with your ex, but you’d never trade your mirror for your ex, would you?

No, you wouldn’t.


Because you can’t get enough of your mirror flame. You love him (or her), but boy does he frustrate you at times! Then you love him all over again! It’s a ride. But a ride you wouldn’t change.

Put it this way. Are you Driving Miss Daisy or are you a Ferrari?

Meaning, are you the slow cautious person who takes a while to be sure about something? Or are you the Ferrari that can’t wait to start the engine and go?

Neither one is bad or good, they are just different ways of being.

Many people in a mirror relationship are the Ferrari. And their mirror is the slow poke in the right lane that speeds up on occasion.

They both get there, just at different times.

Same with mirror flames. They both love each other, just in different ways. One is intense, one is not so much. Or can be at certain times, then not so much, whereas you’re full stop all the time. Is that you?

Your mirror can infuriate you, impassion you, frustrate you, amuse you, love you, like you, all wrapped into one. Right?

That’s the nature of a mirror relationship is what I’m being told as I write this.

It’s Meant to Last

While it sure may not seem like it at times, mirror flame relationships, like twin flames, are meant to be together. Even if you break up, you’ll get back together. Mirrors can’t stay away from each other. The pull is that strong.

You’ve probably broken up once already. And gotten back together. Even if it was after twenty years, you did. Right? That’s the nature of mirrors. You can have a long break, but you’ll find each other again and reunite. That’s because the bond of a mirror flame, like a twin flame, is so strong. You always come back for more. Your souls finally found each other, now you don’t want to let go. Even if you do let go, it’s not permanent.

Twin flames can be a bumpy ride because your weaknesses, your faults, your quirks, everything is mirrored in the other person. Meaning, you see yourself in them. For the good things, that’s good, but for the bad things, well, it can be challenging to say the least. Who wants to see their weaknesses thrown in their face every day?  Most of us do not. Hence, the challenge. It’s never fun to see our faults.

Mirror flames, on the other hand, are mirror images of each other. That’s where the opposite comes from. It’s like looking into a mirror where things are reversed. Left is right and right is left. Whereas with twin flames right is right and left is left. Either way, it can be a challenge. But a challenge you wouldn’t want to live without.

Next week I’ll write about twin flames as I also channeled some information on them. Stay tuned!

If you want to find out if you’re a mirror or a twin flame, you don’t need me to tell you. Ask your intuition. It knows and it will tell you. How do I know that? Because your intuition is connected to your higher self. Of course your higher self knows if you’re in a twin or mirror flame relationship.

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