Is Fate Real?

Is our life pre-determined? Is it all set is stone? Is there fate or destiny?

Supposedly before we incarnate, we plan our entire life and what we’re here to learn. Who our parents are, who we’ll marry, when we’ll marry, our career, our children etc. But since no one has lived to tell, we don’t know for sure.

Personally, it makes sense to me. If we didn’t, then life would be random. The laws of physics say energy tends to move towards order, not chaos. We are energy. Therefore, it feels right to me that we would have a plan, not just a life of randomness. What is a life without meaning or purpose? Unfulfilling and boring.

If we’re here to learn life lessons, then it makes sense that we’d plan those lessons. Part of the lessons involve the details such as who we pick as our family, friends etc.

Free Will Throws a Kink in it

Since we have free will, the ability to make our own choices, then that kind of blows the fate theory out of the water. How can it be pre-determined if we can veto it?

Recently I heard this quote and it spoke to what I believe: “There is fate but our choices dictate how we get there.”  I’ve probably even said something like that in former blog posts. Your fate could include meeting someone but if you don’t go to the places where you might meet them (your decisions), then you won’t meet them. Will fate keep pushing that person in your path somehow?

No one knows for sure.

Perhaps the universe will find another way for you to learn your life lessons, complete your life plan. We don’t really know.

Just like with a psychic reading, if you change the decisions that you make, you may not get the future that a psychic predicted for you. It’s all about your choices. Fate is the same way. If you change your mind, don’t make certain decisions, then certain things won’t happen. Or they could happen later or in a very different way than originally planned.

A No Thrills Life

Life would be boring if we didn’t have free will. We’d wake up every day doing what was forecasted with no surprises, no thrills. Yes, there may be some comfort if you know what’s going to happen, but as with movies, some people don’t like spoiler alerts. And what if you don’t like where it’s headed and you can’t change it? That’s like getting on a roller coaster only to find out that you don’t like it. Too late now. Once you’re on the ride, you have to finish it.

Thank goodness for free will!

No one knows for sure if we reincarnate, although there is more and more evidence coming out. Think of the stories of children who accurately remember their former lives. That will make you stop and think.

Assuming that we do reincarnate, then the question is why? And how long do I have to be in this reincarnation loop? No one knows the answers to those questions either.

My guess is that if we don’t complete our life plan, then we have to come back and finish it. Makes sense, right? Hence, that’s why we keep coming back. There apparently is no get-out-of-jail free pass here. If you didn’t finish your plan, back you go to earth!

Being a past life reader, I’ve seen that sometimes we choose not to work on the previous unfinished life plan in the current life. Why? No one knows that answer either. Perhaps we pick up the thread of an even older past life to complete. I’ve seen that happen in my readings. Or we start a new path while knowing we have to complete the former.

In other words, it’s complicated. And not only that, we have very few, if any, answers.

Delayed Happy Endings – A Sign of Fate or Not?

However, I’m still going with the free will theory. We may set a plan in motion for our life but because of our decisions (or the decisions of others that affect our plan), it doesn’t happen. Or the timing changes. Instead of meeting the love of your life at age 18 when you originally slated that to happen, maybe you don’t meet him until you’re 60. We’ve all heard stories of high school sweethearts that broke up or almost dated only to reunite 40 years later for a happily-ever-after ending. Life got in the way and delayed their happy ending. Or rather, their decisions changed preventing it from happening sooner.

You could argue the delayed union was the original plan. Maybe. Maybe not. Who knows for sure? Either way, it has a happy ending. It may have taken 40 years to get there, but at least it happened.

Let’s talk about family for a second. If your life plan included being born into an abusive family, could you incarnate into any abusive family to achieve the same end result for yourself? Or was it that particular mix of parents and siblings that gave the desired effect? Or substitute the word abusive for any adjective that you prefer – rich, enlightened, nice etc.  

Again, no one knows for sure. We know that some people grow up in abusive households only to overcome it spectacularly. They end up becoming successful or have a good head on their shoulders, not tainted by trauma. Another person can incarnate into a similar family only to struggle their entire lives.

It Can Take Longer to Get There

What’s the common thread here? The individual. Some people overcome things, others do not.  Yes, there are many factors involved such as the person’s situation, their personality, their DNA etc. My guess would be it was written in their cards so to speak to either succeed or fail. Another possibility is they can struggle for a good portion of their lives only to succeed later. My argument again would be that’s because either they chose it that way or because of their decisions it took longer to get there.

For me, I don’t worry too much about my life plan and its details. Yes, it might be comforting and helpful to have an outline, a direction. The bottom line is live every day in the moment. That way you don’t miss the signs and whispers. You don’t miss the person that you were “supposed to” meet.

Pay attention to what’s going on to make yourself a better person. Being the best person that we can be is the ultimate goal anyway, is it not? The better the person you are, the higher your energy is. The higher your energy, the more of good things that you attract, hopefully assisting you to fulfill your life plan.

Some people’s goal may be to be the worst person they can be. Yes, that is another path to be taken. Think of serial killers, criminals etc. Since we live in a world of duality, we always need the bad amongst the good. However, they walk a different path than most of us. They walk in the darkness. You and I walk in the light.

Don’t get too hung up on what might be. Pay attention to what is now. Follow your heart, your intuition and your dreams. That’s what matters most. If you follow your internal guidance, it will work out in the end. And you will have achieved your life plan.

And so it is.

If you’re not sure what your life plan is you really can ask your intuition. If you don’t know how to do that,  then let me show you how. If someone else tells you what your life plan is and you’re not sure, then use your intuition to verify it.

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