Repeating Numbers

Do you ever see repeating numbers? On the clock? On license plates? Receipts? Anywhere?

I do. Almost every time I look at a digital clock the numbers repeat. 11:11 or 12:12 or even 7:33. For me it can be all of the numbers repeat or just the minutes. Either way, the fact that it happens so often is not a coincidence to me. Because, after all, there are no coincidences, right?

When I went to Egypt for the first time, I hadn’t acknowledged my gifts yet. I still wasn’t sure if I had any. I went on the trip anyway because I figured if any place can open them up for me, Egypt sure can!

12:12 on the 12th

In the group there was a man, I’ll call him Michael, who clearly had an abundance of gifts. He knew it, used them and listened to them. I was in awe. On the first day of our trip, we went to the Saqqara pyramid just outside Giza. It was December 12th. Michael “just happened” to look at his phone on December 12th when it was 12:12pm.  How cool is that?! “Just happened” is in quotes because it was no coincidence. The dude was clearly very plugged in!

At the time I’d heard of people having the repeating number experience but as it never happened to me, I just filed that information away. Ok, maybe it happened to me sometimes, but since I wasn’t paying attention, I didn’t notice how often I too might’ve had that experience. I blew it off.

Probably a few years after the trip, I can’t recall exactly when, the repeating number experience started to happen to me too. My awakening journey has been so seamless that I don’t have a timeline in mind. It just started happening. More and more. Now it’s almost every time I look at the clock, I kid you not. As I write this right now, I just glanced down at my computer clock and it’s 11:22. OMG See what I mean?

What do they Mean?

What do repeating numbers mean?

There’s a lot of opinions out there but who knows for sure? The most common explanation that I see is it’s a sign that your angels and guides are with you. It’s like, “Yoohoo, we’re here! You can’t see us, but we’re here!”

I’m one of those people that doesn’t want the lights to flicker or be tapped on the shoulder. It freaks me out. I’m not comfortable with it. I know entities and spirits exist; I just don’t want to see their actions. That’s just me. Many people are totally fine with it. Some of my spiritual friends laugh at me (nicely) thinking I’m a weenie. Weenie I might be, but I’m ok with that.

However, seeing repeating numbers is non-invasive. It’s not a tap on the shoulder where I might jump out of my skin. It’s not a book flying off of a shelf when there’s no one there. That’s the kind of stuff that freaks me out. It’s nice, however, to get a sign that “they” are here. So, for me, repeating numbers is that sign.

Why do We Need Signs?

We don’t. But some of us like them. It’s reassuring. It can be comforting to know they’re around. We know they are, but the signs are tangible proof. Not something we thought we imagined. You can’t dispute the clock just said 11:22 if you just saw it!

If you’ve ever been woken up at night with a tap or the sensation of sitting on your bed (I have), it can be disconcerting. You were fast asleep only to feel something. Because you were asleep you may not be sure if you just felt that or not. In that case, you really might think you imagined it. You can’t prove you felt a tap or someone sat on the bed. You can, however, prove you just glanced at the clock at 11:22 because you saw it. Hence, I think seeing repeating numbers is a provable, non-invasive way to know that your guides and angels are around you.

Guides or Angels?

Is it guides or angels around you?

That’s the $50,000 question. No one knows for sure. It might be different for different people. The only way to know who’s prompting you to see repeating numbers is to ask. Ask your guides and angels if it’s them.

Many things that I’ve read say it’s angels. Again, how do we know for sure? I’m not that particular. It doesn’t matter to me if it’s guides or angels. I take comfort in knowing it’s one of them. I don’t get bogged down with the details, in other words. At the end of the day, does it really matter if it’s guides vs angels?

Some of my clients do get bogged down in the details. They really want to know if it’s a guide or an angel. They need a definitive answer. My question back is, “Why?” Without sounding sarcastic, why does it matter? As long as the prompting entity is of the light, I feel it’s not important to know more.

If you want to know for sure so that you can communicate with them, not knowing who it is doesn’t inhibit conversation. Meaning, if you want to talk to your angels, talk to them. You don’t need special permission or a sign from them. Just talk. It really is that easy. If you want to thank them for showing you repeating numbers, thank them. Even if it’s not them, I’m sure they’ll appreciate the shout-out.

Enjoy the Show!

Bottom line is, enjoy the experience. Enjoy the synchronicity. When we are in alignment with the Divine, when we embrace our gifts, synchronicities appear. This is one of them. Don’t read too much into it, don’t make it too complicated. As humans we want details, we want to complicate things. We can’t believe things can be easy. They can. This is one of them. A quick, “Yoohoo, we’re here!”

Next time you see a repeating number, give them a shout-out back if you like. “Yoohoo, I’m here! You who, I just saw that repeating number. Thanks so much!”

What time is it now? Check your clock! Maybe it’s a repeating number.

I just did. 4:33. Yoohoo, I’m here!

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