How I Healed My Dog

Sadly, our pets don’t live that long. It’s heart-breaking for pet owners. If you’ve ever lost one like I have, you know what I mean. It’s always a being’s choice when they want to depart. However, if they’re sick and want to recover, we can help them. The only way to know if they want to recover or not is if they respond to healing.

When my dog got very sick last summer that’s exactly what I did. I wasn’t about to give up and give in to the vet’s diagnosis. No siree, Bob! I didn’t feel my dog was as sick as the vet said so I figured, what have I got to lose?

Check Out or Not?

Do some healing and see if he responds. If he does, that means he wants to carry on. If he doesn’t, then he’s ready to check out. Either way I had to be mentally prepared. But I wasn’t going to give up on him without a fight. If you love your pet as much as I do (which I’m sure you do!), then you know they’re your friend, your companion, your little buddy. No one wants to say goodbye to that! I sure didn’t.

My dog had persistent UTIs since 2020. We figured out some things to do for him, none of which the vet recommended, that reduced the number of them. In 2021 he only had one. Then last summer in 2022 he got another one. To make matters worse, he got a bladder infection too. It went undiagnosed for too long and that’s what almost did him in.

In the meantime, we finally relented and let the vet do all sorts of tests to determine what’s causing his persistent UTIs. His breed is prone to them but it’d still be nice to have some answers. On a sonogram they found a lump in his bladder. Immediately my heart sank. Of course, the “c” word was mentioned.

To verify the sonogram, they followed up with an ultrasound. That confirmed the lump. The vet immediately started blowing the “c” word horn, much to my discomfort. No pet of mine has ever died of that nasty disease and I’m not about to let this precious pup submit to it! No way, Jose!

Let the Healing Begin!

As soon as all of this began, I did a healing session on him every night. EVERY night. I wasn’t going to let him succumb. But, as I said, I had to be mentally prepared if my pup chose to exit. Either way, I was going to do healings on him. If he chose to exit, then at least perhaps I’ll help him have a peaceful transition. If he chooses to stay, Hallelujah!

What type of healing that is performed doesn’t really matter. As long as the light/energy of the Divine is brought in, it will help. If you’re curious though, I did sound healing and light language on him. For a few weeks I also brought him to a healer friend for a healing boost.

As I did the healing on him, I imagined and said out loud that the lump is shrinking. It is neutralized. That way if it is the “c” word, it’ll now be de-activated so that it can’t harm him.

In case you’re wondering, my pup never fought the healing. Some nights he shifted his position so that I could get to his belly area easier to send energy directly to his bladder and urogenital system. Other nights he so was tired that he curled up into a ball and went to sleep quickly. Whether his belly area was exposed or not didn’t matter. The energy was going to him regardless. It made me feel better if I sent it directly to his belly area, but I don’t think it really mattered one way or the other. The intention was there. The energy of the Divine was there.

Don’t Buy into It!

The entire time I kept the faith that he was healthy and healing. A medical medium that I trust felt it was cancer and that he had two years tops to live. I totally disagreed with her. I wasn’t going to buy into that diagnosis, no matter who it was from. I just refused to believe it.

Our story is the same as cases we’ve all heard about. Someone is given two weeks or two months to live and they “miraculously” recover. The miracle was that they refused to buy into the diagnosis. Instead, they believed in their recovery. That’s what I did.

Once the antibiotics kicked in for the undiagnosed bladder infection, he finally started to perk up. It was a very slow and scary process because all he did was sleep and wouldn’t eat. To coax him into eating I had to entice him with the best thing I could think of – beef jerky! Not the dog version, the people version. He would eat that, thankfully.  Eventually he would eat some high-quality wet food. We were on the road to recovery!

After several months and at least $2000 in various tests, we got the best news ever: he does NOT have the “c” word. I KNEW IT!

What Do You Want to Believe?

Now, you can argue that he never had it and that once all of the test results came in, they finally proved it. Yes, that can be true.

However, he clearly had a lump. The sonogram proved it. To see it with my own eyes I requested a copy of it. Even though the vet wanted to push me onto an oncologist and begin chemotherapy, I was resistant. He finally admitted the lump could be a cyst and that when a dog gets a UTI the cyst can become enlarged. That’s where I put my energy. It was only a cyst. And that the cyst was shrinking.

The power of belief along with the power of prayer has been proven. As such, I strongly believed my pup did not have the “c” word and that this was only a harmless cyst that could be shrunk. It turned out, that was true. The lump had shrunk eventually. The tests finally proved it. It wasn’t looking good for a while because the surface of the lump looked irregular like the “c” word. Despite the bad news, I kept the faith.

Whether he had a cyst all along and I just helped him recover from his infections or it was the “c” word and I, along with my friend, helped de-activate it, we’ll never know. Whatever it was, he is healed. In December he turned 12 years old and is still going strong. We go for long walks and he’s frisky enough to still want to play with his toys.

I’m going with the story that I helped to heal him. Why? For one because it’s what I want to believe, of course. For two, I brought in the healing powers of the Divine. Consistently. Every night. In addition, I continued to love on my pup. The power of love is also very strong, as we know. To me, healing energy from the Divine combined with the restorative power of love is unbeatable. The only way he could not heal from that was to decide he’s ready to go. Clearly, thankfully, he did not choose that.

The Fight Wasn’t Over

When they did the last ultrasound, they found lumps on his adrenal glands too. The vet informed us that he had no tests to determine whether this was the “c” word or not. Instead, he recommended an internal medicine vet who was probably going to tell us that the only option was surgery, according to our vet.

What do you think I did with that news?

More healing sessions!

That was last fall we found out about the adrenal lumps and he’s still going strong. I’m going with the story that I healed him (with the help of my healer friend) along with his willingness to remain here. There was no way I was going to buy into the vet’s “c” word diagnosis so I found an alternative way to help him.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

P.S. We only do healing sessions now on occasion. Why is that? Because I check in with my intuition to see if it’s needed. My intuition says my pup is all better but sometimes we all need an energy boost!

How do you know if your healing sessions are working? How do you know if you need to continue? Sometimes that’s obvious, sometimes it’s not.

Ask your intuition.

Do you have intuition? How do you know?

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