How I Healed My Dog Part 2

Some of you like to know the nuts and bolts of healing so I’ll share what I know. When I refer to healing, I do not mean traditional medicine and going to the doctor. Instead, I mean alternative healing methods or strictly using your mind.

You Must Believe to Receive!

For things to work optimally we must believe in them. The same is true for healing. If you believe in healing, it will work. Just think of the placebo effect. Perfect proof. Those who believed the sugar pill to be real or helpful, healed.

From what I’ve learned from the Divine, via downloads, is that healing using non-traditional methods can still work if you don’t believe in them. It may take longer or not work as effectively. Lack of belief is the basic premise of western medicine. You don’t have to believe those antibiotics that the doctor gave you for an infection will work. They just work.

If you are receiving healing from a healer or device simply allow the healing to occur. Allowing is the opposite of resistance. If you allow the healing to occur, you are not fighting it. You are letting it happen.  Anytime we fight something, it makes the process harder. Allow it.

Believing you will be healed is not the same as allowing, but believing will give it a definite boost. Allowing something to occur implies belief, but not necessarily. The two are not mutually exclusive. Meaning, one can occur without the other. You can allow without believing and believe without allowing. That’s where the subtleties get more complicated.

To heal yourself simply using your mind, with no tools or devices, I believe, is possible. However, I don’t believe many people are capable of it at this time simply because of our vibration and belief systems. Self-healing requires much focus and discipline. Most people give up quickly because we’ve been conditioned by society as a whole to “want it now.” We want immediate results. We want to swallow a pill and make it go away. That’s one reason western medicine continues in popularity.

If a tool or device is used for healing, then belief in that tool or device gives the healing more potency. As stated above, it isn’t required, but it sure helps to maximize benefits.

Which Tool, Device or Modality Should I Choose?

That’s a personal decision.

There are many, many healing modalities out there today. It used to be primarily reiki. Now everyone and their brother is a reiki healer or master. No offense to reiki masters because I obtained my certification in the 1990s. Healing modalities have grown beyond reiki. The good news is now there are many choices.

Which one should I pick? Go with what resonates with you. Choose what you gravitate towards. At wellness expos there are often many healers available. Which one seems interesting? Which one makes the most sense to you? Which one gives you a good vibe? If you’re good with your intuition, check in with that because it will lead you there. If not, read the information, question the practitioner, then choose based on the information given.

From what I have learned from the Divine, all healing modalities are based on energy work. I would say as long as it’s of the light, meaning from the Divine, but the dark does not generally want us to heal. Therefore, most energy work is of the light. Yes, there can be some dark energy that fools you, but again, use your intuition to spot them.

If there is a practitioner involved providing the energy, as opposed to a device or tool, the strength of the healing can be based on the strength of the practitioner so keep that in mind as well. That’s another reason to check in with your intuition. Some healers are stronger than others. Not a criticism, just a fact.

Some modalities, tools or devices may work better for some people versus others. Part of it is belief. If there is more belief in one than the other, that one will take precedence. Also, some tools or devices work better on certain conditions. The person sharing the tool or device should know if your condition is suited to their device. Ask.

Why Do They All Work?

Now you may be wondering why all healing of the light works. Reiki is not better than sound healing. Sound healing is not better than light therapy. All healing modalities of the light are a gift from the Divine. It’s that simple. We are energy beings so healing with energy makes sense. They may work in different ways and they may work better for some conditions than others. But they all work. That’s why choosing what resonates with you is the best option.

Why Do They Sometimes Not Work?

That’s not a simple answer as there can be many reasons. The obvious one is there was no belief or not enough. Another reason is readiness. Yes, shockingly, sometimes we think we want to heal from something, but subconsciously we don’t.

The answer to that varies greatly. Oftentimes people use illness as a crutch so they don’t want to give it up. Or it enables them to not do something they don’t want to do, so why should they change that? Or most commonly, they have identified with it. It becomes who they are. “The girl with the such and such.” People tend to take ownership of their illness by calling it “my fibromyalgia” or “my such and such.” Now it’s who they are. [Read my former blog post on this subject to bring you up to speed.] We don’t like giving up our identify because it’s who we are.

In the case of my dog, clearly his soul was willing. We have no idea what animals believe if they even have beliefs. More than likely, they do not. They don’t live in the complex world of words and beliefs like we do. Animals are much simpler than us but they do have emotions. They respond to energy as they are also energy beings.

My dog healed because he wanted to. He wanted to receive the energy. So, he did. He was not ready to check out. The only way for me to know whether he’d heal or not was to try. Thankfully he accepted the healing energy.

Healing with Tools

Here’s a tip if you are going to work on self-healing whether using simply your mind or a tool. When I say tool, I do not mean a device like a healing bed or an infrared sauna. That is a device by my definition. By tool I mean a tuning fork, crystal bowl, wand, crystals, stones, essential oils etc.

When using a tool be clear that you are the just the facilitator. The energy does not flow through you. You allow the energy to flow into you by using the tool. The tool is doing the work, you are the facilitator. The reason I find this to be important is so that you don’t get overloaded. Even using your mind alone, allow the energy to come in to you, not through you. it is a subtle, but important distinction that I learned via a download from the Divine.

In summary, pick what modality, tool or device resonates with you. Believe the healing can occur. Allow the healing to occur. If you are working on yourself, allow the energy to flow into you, not through you. Be patient. Generally healing doesn’t occur overnight, especially for chronic or complicated issues. It took several months for me to heal my dog. When the second round of antibiotics kicked in, he started to perk up, but he still wasn’t normal. Hence, I continued the healing to restore him.

There is more that I can say on this subject so I’ll leave that for another post. In the meantime, happy healing!

How do you know if your healing sessions are working? How do you know if you need to continue? Sometimes that’s obvious, sometimes it’s not.

Ask your intuition.

Do you have intuition? How do you know?

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