Is it Fear or a Premonition?

A good friend of mine and I wholeheartedly believe in manifesting. We know how powerful thoughts can be. As a result, if there’s something that we’re concerned about, as friends, we’ll confide in each other with the caveat that “I’m only saying it once so that it doesn’t happen.” It makes us feel better to say that.

From everything I’ve read, including the Law of Attraction material, it takes more than one negative thought to create a negative situation. It takes repeated, frequent negative thoughts. That makes total sense to me as I find it very hard to believe that one thought can truly create something undesired. I could be totally wrong, but I’m tending to go with what Law of Attraction says.

If one negative thought created something negative, then we’d all be doomed! Think of how many negative thoughts cross our minds every day. Do they all come true? Thankfully, no. Does even one of them come true? Maybe, maybe not. Again, I say that depends on how many times you have thought it. Is this the first time today that you had that thought or the 99th time? Is it the first time this week or the 100th time? You get my logic.

The other day I was concerned a certain negative situation might happen. I said it once out loud to my good friend. Purposely I limited how many times I silently thought it. Later that day it came true! My friend immediately cautioned me with concerns about how it can come true with only one thought. It was probably closer to three or four thoughts, but still, it went against her belief system.

Are You Really Creating It Or….

Then it came to me in a download. Oftentimes when we have a negative concern, a fear of what could happen, crop into our minds it’s not that we’re creating that negative situation later but rather it was a premonition that it was going to happen. It was a warning sign from the Universe. We were picking up the energy of the situation in advance, before it happened. As energetic beings that can pick up on each other’s moods, why can’t we pick up a situation before it occurs? We can. it’s called a premonition.

We tend to think of premonitions as warnings for something big like a loved one is going to die or someone will get into an accident, that kind of thing. The truth is, premonitions can be about much smaller things too. Call it an intuitive hit instead if you like.

My friend gets frequent premonitions so when I told her about this she agreed. With a caveat. She still thinks we can cause something to happen with one thought. That’s where she and I will differ and that’s ok. We don’t all have to believe the same things. If it makes her feel better to say it only once, great. That’s not a bad habit to adopt so that you can stop repeated negative thoughts.

To back up a bit, I do think all of us are becoming stronger manifesters. Especially those who know how to do it. But again, I don’t agree with the one thought theory. As I pointed out above, if that were true, think of what a train wreck your day could be. We all have our bad days where negative thoughts creep in. That doesn’t translate into every negative thought you had created that same negative situation. Thank goodness!

What About When It Comes True?

Other times our negative thoughts may indeed quickly or immediately manifest what we fear the most. No one truly knows how manifesting works. There may be all kinds of subtleties and details that we haven’t discovered yet to make it even more effective.

When we think something negative and it happens, my argument is that it could be just plain old logic at work. Let’s say that you want to manifest the perfect parking spot. Once you pull into the parking lot you see that it’s very crowded. Then the fear starts creeping in that you won’t find a good spot, and then you don’t. In that case it’s not so much fear causing it to happen, but logic. With a super crowded parking lot, chances are good that you won’t find a good spot. I hate to say it but duh!

Would thinking positive thoughts in that situation “magically” open up a spot for you? Who knows. It can’t hurt in my opinion and it certainly has seemed to work for me and many others. Again, mysteries of the Universe.

There are probably dozens of other examples that you can find in your life. Like the time you were flying standby and no seats opened up no matter how many positive thoughts you had. If the flight is over-sold, logic says your chances of scoring a seat are pretty small. Or if your name is too far down the standby list, same thing: no seat.  It’s not your negative thoughts precluding you from a seat, it’s the situation itself.

Now you may be thinking, what if the opposite were true? You had tons of positive thoughts that you’d get on and you did. I can argue the same thing: logic. Enough people agreed to give up their seat. Or there were a lot of no-shows etc. etc. etc. Regardless, it worked out in your favor.

My intention is not to rain on anyone’s parade here. We certainly can manifest these things, but sometimes we can’t. This is a possible alternative explanation for why sometimes things don’t work out no matter how hard we try or how many positive thoughts we have.

Can You Beat the Odds?

What about the odds-defying situation where you had positive thoughts and scored a seat? Or the situations where it’s 1000:1 where the positive could happen? Or pick any other high number of odds. There is no real answer but it could be you were meant to get on that flight or win that lotto etc. Those are the wild cards that no one has the definitive answer to.

You could say luck but some say there is no luck. Or that we make our own luck. That’s the subject for a whole other blog post so I won’t even go there. No one really knows the answer to the luck question anyway. We have a lot of theories, but no one knows for sure.

Another download that I just received is this: perhaps it is a premonition or intuitive hit when something negative happens as a result of your negative thoughts. Or maybe you put out enough fear that prevented the positive from happening.

Fear is a very strong emotion or vibration. If whatever you want to happen involves another person, [as opposed to something random like getting all green traffic lights] perhaps that person is subconsciously picking up your fear and then will subconsciously make the decision to do what you fear. If you have very strong energy and especially if you are closely connected to the other person, that could happen. Your fear, your vibration, not your thought, could influence the how the person acts.

Pay Attention to Your Emotions, not just Your Thoughts

Law of Attraction says it’s our feelings, our emotions that really attract things to us. More so than our thoughts. That’s why it’s recommended when you are visualizing to really feel your desired outcome. Don’t just think about it. Don’t just stare at your vision board. Feel it.

As energetic beings we can sense others’ emotions. That’s how you can walk into a room and know how the other person is feeling. Animals can sense our fear. We can sense fear too, we may just not realize it.

I started this post with one conviction and then received another, almost contradictory download as I was writing. My bottom line on the second scenario? If your fear is very strong and so are you, then I can buy it. But I don’t buy the one thought theory. I already poked holes in that by showing how your day could be a disaster as a result of your one negative thought.

It seems that the Universe is saying either scenario can be true. Perhaps it was a premonition or intuitive hit of what was about to happen. Or perhaps you caused it if you were in enough fear, anxiety etc.

The lesson here: pay attention to ALL intuitive hits that you receive. Don’t ignore them. They could be a warning. Or helpful.

Secondly, keep your emotions in check. Your day can get derailed with heightened emotions. As an added incentive, limit your negative thoughts. If you can keep them to less than 50%, you’re probably fine. Don’t sweat the small stuff!

Do you ever experience, “I knew that was going to happen!” or “I could feel it!” [that something was going to happen.] Then you had an intuitive hit. Don’t ignore them.

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