Letting Go Isn’t 100%

Something that came to me in a download is this: letting go isn’t 100%. You may think it’s all gone, but it can be so small of a percentage that it’s not noticeable. Past pain or trauma can be so greatly reduced that it rarely affects us. However, in times of crisis, especially a crisis similar to your past trauma, it can pop back up again. That’s when you say to yourself, “I thought I let go of this!”

You did.

For then.

But now it’s back.

It Never Goes Away Completely

Because we’re human it seems we’re in a never-ending cycle of letting go of old hurts and trauma. It never really goes away; it just gets reduced.

Once we can accept that it never really goes away, then we don’t get so upset or incredulous when it returns. When it does, do more release work.  I know, that stinks. That’s not the answer that you wanted to hear. During a client reading she thought she had let go of some old trauma only for it to resurface during a crossroads in her life. I also thought I had let go of something when it reared its ugly head again.


That’s what we have to accept. Once we accept that crucial fact, then it makes letting go of things even easier. Basically, what we’re doing is letting it go for now. Hopefully never to re-surface, even if it’s still there.

Releasing Is Like a Never-ending Jelly Jar

The analogy I got is like a never-ending jelly jar. Jelly is thick and viscous. It takes a while to get to the bottom. Even when you do, it seems like there’s always some jelly at the bottom that you just can’t scrape out. It sticks in the jar.

Releasing is like that never-ending jelly jar. There’s always some that sticks to you.

When I relayed this analogy to my client she chuckled. She likes jelly! That’s why the Universe provides the visions and analogies that it does. It resonates with someone! Often most of us can relate to it.

There are healers out there that say they can remove your trauma 100%. I’m not saying that they’re wrong. Instead, I think they may not be aware that what they’re really doing is reducing it. As I said above, sometimes it is reduced so much that it’s not detectable or may never come back up again. Other times it was reduced but it returns in times of crisis.

Keep On Releasing!

When it returns, that’s ok, release more of it. Since we are like onions with many layers, release work involves peeling back the layers. Again and again.

Why is it that sometimes we release a lot of it and other times not?

No one knows for sure but what I keep hearing is readiness. As I’ve said before on this blog, readiness is an energy or state of being. It can’t be rushed or forced. The old saying is very true, “When you’re ready, you’re ready.”  Period.

Perhaps you think you’re ready to release some trauma, but then five years later it comes back again. Apparently at the time you did the release work, you weren’t completely ready. You needed to see it again to remove more of it.

Why Do We Need to Feel it Again?

To learn from it.

Often, I get old painful memories surfacing when I meditate. Instead of being hurt by them I acknowledge them and then work to release them. By not allowing myself to be hurt by them again I might get a new insight about the situation. Or see something about myself that I still need to correct. Or see something in the other person involved that I didn’t see before to help me understand the situation more accurately. Whatever the case may be, the memories come back so that I can learn from them.

It’s not just a matter of peeling back the layers of the onion, but understanding them as we encounter them. “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth” is what I just heard as it applies to this. We are being given a gift by having old trauma re-surface. Learn from it, then remove it. Let the emotional sting disappear.

Trauma Is in Our Energy Signature

What they are showing me is that every memory, every trauma leaves an energy signature in our energy field including our DNA. These energy signatures are part of what makes up who we are as an individual. It’s part of what our soul releases when we pass away, yet is stored in our Akashic record.

Another thing they just showed me is that when a person is sick and dying, they don’t generally die right away. It may seem like it, but they do not. As part of the death process the person must actually release things. These old hurts and traumas are part of what they are releasing. Those that pass suddenly do not get the luxury to do this. They get extra special care when they cross over (so it is believed) to do this release work from the other side. That way their soul can return to perfection. The perfection that we cannot achieve during life on earth.

When We Die, We Release these Traumas

When a dear friend of mine lay dying from cancer almost 10 years ago I went to visit her in the hospital. She was not very conscious as she was miserable, calling out for morphine. In an attempt to comfort her I told her it’s ok, you can let go. All of the sudden she opened her eyes, looked right at me and said, “No! I’m not ready to go yet. I still have things to do!”

Never having been around a dying person before I wrote that off as an odd thing to say. It confounded me. What could she possibly achieve in a hospital bed? Later, as I learned more about the dying process it hit me. She was an awake and aware person so she knew exactly what she was doing. My take now is that she was letting go of old traumas, cutting cords, forgiving and purifying herself for the next phase.

That is why I believe many religions instruct a person to repent, ask forgiveness or purify yourself as you lay dying. It’s not just so that you can go to Heaven, as we’ve been taught. Letting go as much as you can while still on earth makes your transition easier because then there is less to release when we cross over. That’s the download I received. It’s up to you whether you want to agree with it or not.

What we cannot achieve in life, we can achieve in death.

That’s not meant to discourage you. If it gives you hope to know that one day you will achieve perfection, hang onto that. If it makes you mad to know that you can’t achieve that on earth, know that you can achieve something very close to that while still alive. As I said, we may not release 100% but we may leave just 0.00001% residue. That’s next to nothing.

Life is a journey. We complete it when we pass. If you are diligent, you will reach a state where old traumas will no longer trigger you because their residue will be miniscule. Until then, as they said in the 70s, “Keep on truckin!” Keep on releasing!

If you’re not sure how how much you need to release, ask your intuition. If you don’t know how to do that,  then let me show you how.

If someone else tells you that you’ve released it all and you’re not sure, then use your intuition to verify it.

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