Unpacking Time

I’ve always been fascinated by time, time travel and the past. I’m not very good at estimating length or distance, but time, I’m spot on. I’m one of those people who can calculate to the minute how much time I need to do something or get somewhere [not using GPS]. I’m never late, always early or at a minimum, on time. Time is “my thing.” Why, I don’t know.

Past Life Readings

If you’ve ever had a reading with me, then you know that I do past life readings. People often ask me how I do that. Honestly, I’m not sure, it just happens. I can easily tap into the past and other timelines. Just as most psychics can see into the future, I can also see into the past. I am also able to tap into the Akashic records so I’m sure that ability has something to do with my ease for past life reading.

There are so many theories about time but no one really knows for sure exactly what it is and how it works. It’s been said that time is a third dimensional construct. As such other non-3d dimensions, planets etc. do not have time. The “other side” where we go when we pass is another dimension that supposedly has no time. If you have no body, why would you need time? Think about that.

No Body = No Need for Time

It makes sense because we use our bodies to eat at certain times of the day. If we have no body, we don’t need to eat, then we also don’t need to eat at a certain time. The same is true for going to work or to bed at night.  If we don’t have a body, then we don’t go to work [at least not work as we know it] nor go to bed, so we don’t have to mark the time to do those things. No body equals no use for time.

What if there is no time? I don’t mean as in our common harried expression, “I don’t have time for this.” No, what if there really was no time? That’s hard for us to imagine as our days revolve around it.

Recently I heard this quote: “Eternity doesn’t mean endless time it means timelessness.” [as in no time]

There is No Time…but yet There is

That’s a very heavy statement to digest.  It’s not like retirement where you have endless time. It means there is no time. Nada, zip, zilch. That can make your head spin!

Many religions teach that if you’re not a good person then you’ll burn in Hades for eternity. That’s pretty scary because our understanding of eternity means we’ll be burning forever. Forever to us is a really long time.  If eternity means there is no time, then you’d burn for how long? Not that I really want to know, mind you. You get my point. That’s a mind bender.

Another common theory is that time is an illusion. There is no time, not just in eternity, but now. To me, that goes along with time is a 3-d construct. Other dimensions do not have it, but we do. There’s no doubting that we mark time by the sun. The sun comes up in the morning and goes down at night. How high the sun is in the sky allows us to estimate what time it is. Clearly then, we have some form of time on our planet. I don’t doubt that. We have time on planet Earth for some unknown reason.

We Organize Our Lives Around Time

What we do know is that time is a data point. It’s a frame of reference. It’s 10am so that means I’m late for work. Or it’s 4:33pm so that means the work day is almost over. We build our life around time. Our days revolve around a 24-hour cycle.

Time gives us structure. If we didn’t have time, what would we do? How would we schedule our days, months, years? Without time we’d probably go crazy like prisoners who make scratch marks on the wall to keep track of what? You guessed it. Time.  Living in a windowless home with no clock or watch [or smart phone] would throw us out of sorts like sleep deprivation.  We would become disoriented. It seems that we need time to make sense of our world, to function.

Time is Circular…or Something

Other theories tell us that time is not linear. It’s circular, possibly in an endless loop. Or somehow the past, present and future are all happening at once. If that is true, it opens up all kinds of possibilities.

Whether it’s circular or not I’m not sure anyone knows but the other day I watched an episode of The Unexplained on time travel. Immediately I was mesmerized. In the show they described a chronovisor that an Italian monk invented by accident. Using this machine that looks like a TV he was able to see and hear into the past. How is that even possible you ask? Trust me, I wanted to know too! My inner geek was coming out!

The second law of Thermodynamics states that energy is neither created nor destroyed. Therefore, energy never disappears. That’s convenient if you want to tap into it. According to the scientists on this show, the frequencies of the past are still floating around in the ether so to speak. With the proper tuning it’s possible to pull in sounds and signals of the past. That’s what this machine did. It was comprised of rare metals made of different frequencies that tune into energy. It was designed to pick up residual electromagnetism which ended up giving them the ability to see or hear the past.

The Past is Now

I just knew it. For years I’ve felt that the past is happening right now, we just can’t see it or go to it. At least not intentionally. There is an unexplained phenomenon called time slips where people accidently and temporarily slip into the past or future. No one is sure how that happens, but it does.

I knew there was a way that sights and sounds of the past are being recorded so to speak. I just didn’t know the mechanics of it. We just have to know how to tap into the past. Perhaps that is how I can so easily tap into past lives – I’m picking up that frequency. I am not sure. How I do it doesn’t matter to me, only that I can so that I can help others with this gift as past life readings can be very useful.

Why do I share this concept of time with you? As I said at first, it’s fascinating to me. Perhaps you feel the same way. Perhaps you like to learn some of the mysteries of the universe as I do. Maybe you like to ponder esoteric concepts. Maybe you just enjoy time-bending riddles.  Or maybe you’d like a past life reading sometime to unlock your mysteries.

Whatever the case may be, use your time wisely. You can’t go backwards. Even a second ago is now the past. You know what the song says, “Time waits for no one.”

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