Why Can’t I Let Go?

When Disney came out with that movie, Frozen and released the song, “Let it Go” it had more meaning than they realized!


Because blocks are always what stop us from moving forward. Always. First me must let go of them.

Blocks can be anything from old beliefs to past experiences to stored emotions. We don’t tend to think about them on a daily basis, but they crop up in the background of our mind without us even realizing it. They can be sneaky like that. To move forward, we have to overcome them.

When we’re blocked and stuck, not making progress in life, the solution is always let it go.  From my experience and what I’ve received in meditation, letting go is a process. It generally doesn’t happen all at once and often has to be repeated. Sometimes repeated in different ways as there are many ways to let go of blocks. There is no right or wrong way, it’s more about what works for you at that time. What worked one time may not work as well the next time and vice versa. Why? Because your energy is different, you are different. The issue you’re letting go of is different.

Sometimes It’s Painful… and Sometimes It’s Not

Letting go can be hard, can be painful, or it can be quick and easy. It all depends on what we’re letting go of, how long it’s been with us and how resistant we are whether consciously or not.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve certainly experienced the entire gamut.

Sometimes it has been painful for me to let go because for some reason I’m hanging onto it. That doesn’t make sense, I know, but our minds and bodies are remarkable things and sometimes they’re just not ready to let go. In that case we have to keep plugging away. Keep peeling the layers back to see what’s under that and under that. Continue digging to see why we’re resisting, even subconsciously.

Sometimes we hold onto our blocks for protection. For example, if you were never allowed to speak your mind growing up, more than likely you’ll be blocked from doing it as an adult. It may have served you not to speak your mind in the past or you’d be punished. So, you kept quiet for your own protection. That situation no longer exists so it’s ok to speak up now. But first, you must let go of that past experience that is blocking you.

Give Yourself Permission

To make letting go easier, give yourself permission to do so. That sounds odd, I know, but sometimes we think we “can’t” let go for whatever reason. Maybe it’s an old tape in your head that says your mom or dad will get mad at you if….fill in the blank. This isn’t about mom or dad. This is about you in the present day.

If you want to let go, tell yourself it’s ok to let go. Give yourself permission. Allow it to happen. You’d be surprised how much we don’t allow. Sometimes a little permission is all we need to get the process going. It’s like giving our body the green light to release.

You think you want to let go, you really do, but the block stays. The wisdom of the mind and body know more than our intellect. Before we can let go, sometimes we have to heal, have to acknowledge the issue first, gain understanding or have completion. For example, maybe you were abused as a kid. Before you can let go of the abuse you might need to understand that your parents didn’t realize it was abuse, they were just doing what was done to them. With that understanding it can make it easier to let it go versus harboring resentment that’s eating away at you.

Why Am I Resisting?

When I run up against that wall when trying to let go is when I go into meditation to ask my higher self, my intuition, why I’m resisting. What purpose is it serving me to continue to hang onto it? Sometimes I get the answer, sometimes I don’t, or at least not right away.  Sometimes I don’t need to know why, just that I am.

When we’re not releasing right away it often goes back to readiness that I discussed in an earlier post. [CLICK HERE to read it.] We’re not ready til we’re ready. Oftentimes we don’t know why we’re not ready, we’re just not. It’s important to understand readiness because while it seems obvious, it’s a very important factor in transformation. If you’re not ready, it’s ok. Don’t beat yourself up.  When the time is right, trust that you will be. It’s happened for me and I’m sure it’s happened for you before too.

Sometimes we know what we’re letting go of, other times we don’t. I’ve found no clear answer as to why it’s one way one time and not another time. From what I’ve received in meditation, it’s not important to know the distinction sometimes, it just is. All that matters is that we’re letting go.

You know the saying, “When a window closes, a door opens.” When you let go of your block is when the new feelings, beliefs or energy can come in. It’s like when you have a full glass, you can’t pour anymore water into it or it will overflow. First you must empty out some water before you can pour more in. The same is true with our energetic selves. If you are full of blocks it’s not possible to let in the new way of being.  When you have made way for the new to come in by releasing the old, it can.

Sometimes when we let go, we experience the issue again. That can be painful. And that’s why we’re often resistant to experience the letting go process. Other times we don’t feel the pain, it just goes away. I’ve found you don’t always have to re-experience painful memories to let go of them. If you don’t want to (like who does?), let your guides and higher-self know that so you can spare yourself the pain.

We often deny or ignore issues because we don’t want to deal with them. We push them on the back burner. Ignoring or denying the issue is not letting go. It’s pretending it doesn’t exist. That can work in the short-term, but eventually denying feelings and issues catches up with us. The Universe will keep giving us situations again and again until we get the message and start the releasing process. It has a funny sense of humor that way!

How to Make Letting Go More Enjoyable

Other times I’ve found that instead of focusing on letting go, focus on what you want to replace the old feelings with.  Focus on gratitude or joy or what you want like a repaired relationship to lift you up and out of what was keeping you down. That way you can be assured your letting go process won’t be painful.

Sometimes we’re too caught up in the old feelings that we can’t raise our vibration. In those instances, I’ve found focus on just being. Just be.  Be in the moment. Be quiet. When you’re ready to let go, you will. There’s that readiness again. Readiness is not something that can be rushed. It just is.

How will you know when you’re ready? Check in with your higher self, your intuition.  It will tell you.  How will you know what your blocks are? Check in with your higher self, your intuition. How will you know how best to let go right now? Check in with your higher self, your intuition.

Remember, your intuition won’t steer you wrong. It’s your BFF. It’s always there for you. That’s why it’s so important to cultivate it and acknowledge it. It has many, many uses and always leads us to the right track.

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