Don’t take Ownership

Ever catch yourself describing your ailments like this: “My back pain,” or “My arthritis” or “My diabetes” or fill in the blank with your ailment du jour. Well, I have. I don’t recall ever doing that before so that’s what inspired me to write this.

When we use that pronoun “my” in front of anything it implies ownership, right? That’s the point. Why own your ailment? It might be true that you have back pain or chronic migraines or diabetes or anything else.  But, why claim it as yours?  

Claiming it is Agreeing to it

When you claim it as yours that means now you’re agreeing you have that problem. You’re buying into it. You’re identifying with it. It might be true that you have it, but the more you acknowledge that you have it, the more power you give it. The more power that you give it the more you stay locked in, unable to heal or progress.

Sure, I have some physical conditions, we all do to some degree. I don’t ignore them in the sense that I take the proper supplements to manage them, I eat well, I sleep good etc. But I don’t let them control me.

That’s different from being the ostrich – sticking your head in the sand and hoping that when you take your head out all of your problems are gone. That’s called denial. Denial has its uses, but this isn’t one of them. It’s not necessary to deny that you have x, y, z condition. Do what you feel is right for it. Take your meds or supplements, go to the doctor or whatever it is that you do to stay healthy. Most of us can’t “think away” our illnesses. Therefore, we have to treat them physically. In doing so, though, don’t dwell on them. Don’t think about it constantly and for sure don’t identify with it, especially by putting that pesky pronoun “my” in front of it.

The more you identify with your ailment, illness or anything, the more it doesn’t go away. It becomes part of you. It can become your identity if you let it. “Oh, she’s the one with the x, y, z.” or “I can’t do such and such because I suffer from blank blank.”

Don’t Use it as an Excuse not to Participate in Life

Do you want to be known as the one with chronic migraines who can’t leave her house? Or the one with debilitating anxiety or back pain? I know I don’t. Even if I were to suffer from any of those conditions (which thankfully I don’t), I wouldn’t go broadcasting it, claiming ownership or using it as an excuse not to do things. My goal is to maintain good health and independence as long as I can which is hopefully til the end of my life. Therefore, I don’t focus on whatever ailments I have other than to take care of them.

As I said earlier, we can’t “think our way” out of illness. I believe as humans we have that ability, but at this time, most of us do not. The energy and the prevailing beliefs do not support that notion. Therefore, we have to do the best we can by managing it on the physical and mental levels. Mentally that means not identifying with it, not dwelling on it etc. Just like in manifesting – don’t focus on what you don’t have – lack of perfect health – but focus on what you want – perfect health.

That means use all of the tricks in your manifesting tool box that we’ve discussed many times. If you like affirmations or prayer, use them. If vision boards work for you, make one. If you have a meditation or relaxation practice by all means, keep it up.

More Tips

And the biggest tool of all: watch your language – even in your head. I don’t mean cussing. Watch what you say and how you say it. As I shared in the beginning, I caught myself thinking “my” ailment. I was identifying with it. Making that one small change, eliminating that pesky pronoun, can make a huge difference in how you think and feel. Start small. Start by removing that pronoun if you’ve caught yourself using it.

Other language tips:

  1. Don’t talk about it a lot. The more you talk about it, the more it stays with you and gives it power. That includes the talking that you do in your head!
  2. Don’t think about it a lot. That’s pretty much the same as talking about it in your head.
  3. Don’t use it as an excuse not to do something. Even if you physically can’t, but want to do something, work up to it. Find ways that you can do it, even with your limitations. [Think Christopher Reeves and his massive spinal cord injury. He was an inspiration to us all.]
  4. If you have to talk about it, phrase it positively or as temporary. For sure don’t use that pesky pronoun! If you have to talk about your chronic migraines, can say something like, “The migraines that I experience keep me home a lot, but I’m working towards changing that.”
  5. Along with the pesky pronoun “my” beware of saying, “I have.” That also gives it ownership. Say “I experience” or “go through sometimes.”
  6. Don’t feel as though your condition will be forever. It might be, but that’s not the point. The point is to stay as positive as you can about it. Your condition may not be able to get better, but at least if it doesn’t get worse, you’re ahead of the game. If your condition is reversible or treatable, so much the better, stay on the bright side. We all know attitude goes a long way in healing.
  7. Don’t focus on it. While that’s covered above by not thinking or talking about it, also don’t give it power by googling about it constantly or other things that perpetuate your thinking about it.
  8. Last but not least, covered in some of the above, but important enough to separate out: don’t give in to the pity party! Don’t do the “whoa, is me” narrative. That makes it worse, not better because now you’re allowing it to debilitate you. It’s ok to give in on occasion if you have to, but don’t make it a habit.

Some things we’re happy to own like a nice house or car. But not this. It doesn’t own you so don’t own it.

If you’re not sure if it’s you are identifying or owning your ailment, how do you know? Ask your intuition.

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