Counteract Black Magic

Recently someone close to me lost some of their cognitive abilities. I’ll call that person Person A. Another person, Person B, stepped in tried to brainwash Person A in order to gain control of them. A friend of mine used a different word for that control – black magic and spells.

According to what I believe brainwashing or programming a person could be considered a spell. Call it what you will, it has the same end result – the affected person isn’t thinking straight due to outside influence.

Person A had been exhibiting signs of brainwashing or under a spell for about a week. In the meantime, I texted Person A just to let them know I was thinking about them. That was it. When I heard the word black magic, it triggered the “good witch” in me to do something to counteract it.

Call in the Light

That evening I called in the light for myself and Person A. To blast away the programming or spell I whipped up some light language. Then I commanded the spells be broken, the programming stopped, and the dark to be banished, all the while surrounding myself and Person A in the light.

After this was done, I could feel Person B’s dark energy all around me, permeating me, trying to wear me down, filling me with fear. For what seemed like an hour I battled with the dark. This person wasn’t letting go easily! That was not a surprise. Finally, I fell asleep!

The next day, out of the blue, Person A contacted me for help. Not only was I shocked that Person A’s cognitive abilities had recovered enough to reach out, they also seemed to understand that they needed help.

Was it a Miracle?

It seemed like out of the blue, but it wasn’t. Just two days ago this person didn’t have the ability to understand the situation they were in. Now they did! What changed? Religious people would call it a miracle.

It could be said that the person just needed more time to recover on their own, like the story where I healed my dog. That is true. Or what if I helped accelerate the process? Why did Person A reach out to me and not someone else? Isn’t it an awfully big coincidence that Person A seemed to break out of the spell the day after I worked on releasing it? I did nothing to put Person A under my influence, just the light. There are no coincidences, at least not in my opinion.

If you have someone in your life that you feel has a curse or spell on them, use your white magic. To me black magic is using the same tools as white magic, just for dark purposes. So, counteract the dark with the light.

No Special Training Necessary

It doesn’t require any training or special words. Bring in the light by saying just that. Surround yourself and the affected person with the light. If you don’t know light language, then use any tool that you have. If you don’t feel that you have any tools, then visualize. That is a tool.

Visualize light surrounding the affected person. Keep bringing it in. Then use your own words to cut cords, release, remove, destroy the curses or spells. Demand the dark to leave. Keep doing this until you feel complete. If the situation requires a round two or three, then do it. The process can be repeated as often as necessary.

If you are a person of the light, you don’t need anything to do white magic. Just do something like I described above. From what others have said who have tried to put curses on someone, if you are of the light, your curses or spells won’t work. That’s a good thing. It’s hard for good people to do bad things. Therefore, a person of the light can’t effectively use black magic. For me, why would I want to? I don’t.

People tend to complicate things. This isn’t hard. As I said there are no special words. You may see people on the internet charging to remove spells or selling courses on magic. People complicate things to make money.

You Can Do It Too!

In my opinion, none of that is necessary. I’ve never taken a course on magic or light language. I just do what comes to me. You can too. We all have innate powers and that includes you. It’s a choice for each and every one of us to use the powers for good or bad. Since we live on a planet of duality, we have both available to us.

Which one will you choose?

Break the spell. Send in the light.

If you aren’t sure how to do white magic, what do you do? Ask your intuition!

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