How to Do Magic

Who doesn’t want to learn magic? It’s fun. It’s cool. It’s sexy. I’m not talking about Penn and Teller magic. I mean personal magic.

You don’t need a course or a guide book to learn it because you already do it – every day.

In the metaphysical world when people refer to magic, they mean influencing events or outcomes. In fact, that’s an old definition of magic.

Magic is simply the art of directing energy to influence events. A form of energy is sound which comes from words. Another form of energy are thoughts since thoughts are produced by the electrical currents in our brain.

What else is in our toolkit that influences events and outcomes?


Magic = Manifesting

Manifesting, then, really is similar to magic. In ancient times there were mystery schools which preserved the secrets of the universe. The biggest secret was manifesting. When people witnessed manifesting, they thought it was magic because they didn’t understand the concept of manifesting. To easily explain it away, they were told it was magic. To make that most valuable tool even more inaccessible, they were forbidden from dabbling in magic.

Thankfully today we know how to manifest. We’re taught from a young age; we just don’t realize it.

Words transmit vibration that directs energy. When we speak out loud, we’re making a sound. That sound is sending a vibration out into the world. The type of vibration you elicit depends on the words you use. Meaning, if you speak nice words, positive energy is released. If you speak mean words, negative energy is released.

Words Influence Vibration

If you recall Dr. Emoto’s water experiment, he proved that matter, water, can be influenced by our choice of words. When he spoke nicely to water, it formed beautiful crystals. When he spoke meanly, the water formed irregular, less pleasing crystals. Sound, his words, directed energy which influenced the shape or outcome of the water crystals.

The same holds true in the concept of manifesting. If you think positive thoughts, positive things will happen for you. Vice versa for negative thoughts.

Words are not just a form of sound, they also carry energy. To test that out, say something nice and see how you feel. Good, right? Say something mean then see how you feel. Not so good, right? That’s why people use cuss words when they’re mad and generally not when they’re happy. Those not-so-nice words hold a negative vibration or energy which reinforce the low vibrational state of anger.

If for no other reason, watching your words is very important as it affects your mood. You can feel better by telling yourself that you feel better. Conversely, you can talk yourself into feeling bad by telling yourself that’s how you feel.

If words affect your mood, it can affect someone else’s too. Another reason to be careful what we say. Most of us don’t want to hurt others, so strive to use kind words.

Speaking is Practicing Magic

When you speak, you’re essentially practicing magic. That’s why I say we all do it, every day.

Once a child hits its physical milestones such as rolling over, sitting up, crawling, then walking, it learns to talk. As children get older, they master speech then they learn to write. Before learning to write they must be taught something else first. When a child goes to daycare, preschool or kindergarten, what’s one of the first things being taught? The alphabet. We even have a handy tune to help us remember it.

Each letter carries a vibrational sound. (Remember phonics?) When letters are put together to form words, the word not only carries meaning but a new sound. When we utter a word, we are putting its vibration out into the world. It effects the world around us.

After learning the alphabet, what are we taught next? To spell. Why do you think it’s called spelling? Because we are literally casting spells when we speak or write. We are putting the vibration of those words out there. That’s why whether you realize it or not, you are practicing magic just by talking.

Which is part of manifesting.

Choose Your Words Wisely

Words have meaning because of the definition assigned to them. Which is why it’s best to choose your words wisely. When you want to manifest or practice magic, be very clear and specific with your words.

It’s not just the definition of the word, but the energy or vibration behind them that gives them their real power. Which phrase feels more negative – wordy dird or cuss word? Wordy dird is a nice way of saying it’s a dirty word or cuss word. It’s also a funny expression. Cuss word conjures up all kinds of not-so-nice 4-letter words. They feel low vibration and negative, partly because society has given them that connotation. Society made them taboo for a reason: the energy behind the word is lower and therefore offensive.

If you want to practice magic or manifesting, choose powerful words. Choose words that lift you up, empower you. Choose words that are very specific, not general like “right” or “good.” Instead of saying, “I want to feel good today,” which is rather nebulous, try “I can accomplish anything today!”  or “I am having a high energy day today.” Don’t the latter two lift you up and motivate you? They do for me.

Sound is the Secret

The Bible says, “First there was the word.” Sound is the mechanism for physical manifestation. God uttered words to create the universe. Whether you believe in the Bible creation story or not isn’t what’s important here. Sound is.

That’s why so many indigenous and ancient cultures use sound, particularly repetitive sound like drumming, chanting or toning. The repetitive sounds combined with powerful words, what the magic world would call an incantation, are what they used to practice magic or manifest. A spell is simply the magical effect created by an incantation. That’s the big secret.

Cast a spell on yourself by using specific positive words and thinking positively. That sounds like affirmations and manifesting, doesn’t it? It is.

If you want to cast a spell on your co-worker or friend, tell them they’re having a wonderful day. Now you can sprinkle your magic everywhere you go on everyone!

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