I’d Rather Have a Root Canal!

That’s the old joke, right? It’s funny til you have to have one. I did earlier this year. No fun.

Before you have to have any type of medical or dental procedure it’s very easy to get into fear mode. We’ve all heard horror stories about someone who had a bad and then we worry we will too. Was I a little nervous about having a root canal? Yes, because I’d heard about the reasons why you shouldn’t have one.

Then I decided to break down my fear. I got the facts, I got second opinions. Dentally, it seemed the best course of action. Even though I’m against the idea of a root canal, when faced with that or lose a tooth, I chose to save it. To let go of my fears of post-op issues I chose to send golden white light to my tooth and jaw. I could either continue to worry about it, right up until the time the procedure was finished, or let it go. Letting it go seemed so much easier and less anxiety producing.

Don’t Make Your Fears Come True

When we get into fear mode about anything, we can make our fears come true. That’s the basic principle of law of attraction. What you think about, you bring about. Or the self-fulfilling prophecy. No matter how you choose to look at it, you can make things your fears come true by focusing on and worrying about them.

Most of the times medical procedures turn out fine. I’ve done readings for people before a procedure because they want the reassurance that they will be ok. It’s fine to want and receive reassurance.

However, you can play a role in your result by getting out of fear. If the psychic sees the procedure turning out fine, that’s great. Play your role in it too. Always be an active participant in your life and never take anyone’s word one hundred per cent.  As a disclaimer any psychic will tell you when it comes to medical advice, always seek a medical professional.

Fear can definitely derail your procedure. Having some fear is normal because you’re putting your life and health into someone else’s hands. It’s how much fear you have that’s the key. Reduce it as much as you can. Find the best doctor or dentist possible. Reassure yourself by knowing the facts. Most procedures turn out fine. Yes, sometimes there are complications, but don’t see yourself as one of those cases. You don’t want to be the one that didn’t have success so don’t dwell on that outcome.

Don’t Do it Anyway

There’s a book or a saying entitled, “Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway.” I disagree. Diving in without processing our fears and doing it anyway can cause trauma. To me, that phrase seems to jive with people who are risk takers or people that ignore their feelings. The opposite of ignoring feelings is dwelling on them. While we don’t want to dwell or ignore them, feelings do serve a purpose.

Back from caveman days we’re wired to have fear to keep us out of danger. Thankfully today we don’t face mortal danger every day. Or even lesser danger. But we still have fear as an indicator to pay attention to.

When you notice you’re in fear, especially before any kind of medical procedure, that’s good. Now you can deal with the fear, not ignore it or dwell on it. Doing something while you’re still in fear can make it come true, the opposite of what you want to happen!

How to Reduce Your Fear

The best way to handle your fears is to reduce them. How do you do that?

See the outcome you desire in your mind’s eye.

Imagine you will be fine after your procedure. See your health returning and your recovery easy. The more you believe it, the more your body can make it come true.

Send golden white healing light to your body. Ask your angels or guides for help. If you have a favorite like Archangel Michael, call him in.  Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance. Now is the time.

Imagine yourself having little to no anxiety. If that’s a struggle for you to envision, again, ask your angels and guides for help. That’s what they’re there for! Have them help shift you out of fear and into calm. Know the procedure will go fine.

The more we are an active participant in all areas of our lives, the smoother it runs. We play an active role by paying attention to how we feel and how much fear we are in. Decide to play a part all of the time, but especially before a medical procedure or during an illness when you’re worried.

Next time you need to have a root canal or any other procedure, take control of your life. Take control of your fears. Take control of your health by participating in the outcome you desire – perfect health.

And so it is.