You Are a Force of Nature!

Has anyone ever told you that you’re a force of nature? You are. Even if no one ever told you that, you still are.

How do I know that?

We are ALL forces of nature.

Why is that?

We Are Energy Beings

Because we are energetic beings. As such, your energy can be felt by others.  The Heart Math Institute has measured the electrical energy that our heart gives off. An EKG is picking up the electrical impulses of our heart. It’s energy. We are made of energy.

Typically, when someone uses that expression “force of nature” they are implying a big personality, a lot of energy. We may not all have big personalities, but we are all made of energy.

When someone who is considered a “force of nature” enters the room, they fill the space, don’t they? You can tell they are there. All heads turn in their direction. Whether you realize it or not, people can detect your energy too, even if it doesn’t fill the room.

Extroverts tend to be the big personalities. Introverts have a quieter, softer, more subtle energy. It can still be felt.

We Pick Up Energy All the Time

Have you ever been around someone who is hard to talk to? They provide yes/no answers and not much else. They don’t start or carry on conversations. They are just there.  It can make you feel uncomfortable. That feeling that you’re picking up on is their introverted energy. It may not be big and bold, but it’s still palpable. That’s what I’m talking about. No matter what a person’s energy is like, you can feel it. You just have to tune into it. Oftentimes we pick it up without having to try too hard. And we may not even be aware that we are picking it up, but we are.

We can project a certain energy when we want to. That’s what the “fake it til you make it” expression is all about. If you’re unsure of something, then fake it. When you’re faking it what you’re really doing is putting out the energy that you want others to perceive.

Let’s say that you’re uncomfortable speaking in front of groups, yet you have to do it. What would you do before you approach the podium? Give yourself a pep talk, right? By filling your head with, “I can do it,” you are getting ready to project a certain type of energy. In this case, someone who is comfortable speaking in front of a group. If you succeed at hiding your nerves, people won’t even know what you really feel inside.

To be able to succeed at life or just get through the day, sometimes we have to project a certain type of energy. We are all capable of it. You’ve done it plenty of times but probably don’t realize it. If you do realize it, then remember what it felt like next time you need to project an air of confidence or whatever the case may be.

Shift Your Energy

It’s not fooling people, unless you use this tool for unkind purposes. It’s called putting your best foot forward. When we’re having a bad day yet still have to perform, that’s when you call on your energetic resources. You can drink lots of coffee or put on your favorite music to shift your energy.

Or you can be consciously aware that you are shifting your energy. Purposely tell yourself that no matter what, you’ll get through it. Tell yourself that even though you may not want to be around certain people, yet have to, you can pretend that you’re having a good time.

Being aware first of your current energy and then being aware of what you want to shift into makes the shift more powerful than a pep talk. A pep talk is encouraging. Shifting your energy consciously is empowering. It’s telling yourself that you are aware of what you are doing. You are consciously taking control of your energy.

Any time we place our awareness and focus on something it makes it more powerful versus doing something unconsciously. It’s like doing something on auto-pilot vs not. Every day we do lots of things on auto-pilot. Things that we do routinely like take a shower or clean the kitchen. We don’t have to think about it, we just do it.

Be Conscious First

The same can be said about your energy. Normally when we walk into a room, we don’t think about it. We just proceed in. That’s ok but what if you want to project a certain energy? What if you were just crying but don’t want people to know? What do you do? You gather yourself together, then enter the room. That’s being consciously aware of your energy and shifting it. We’ve all done something like that before.

If you’re getting ready to give a presentation or go into a job interview or go on a first date, that’s when you want to make sure that you’re projecting what you want the other person to see.

Before you do any of those things, stop. Check in with what you’re feeling now. Are you giving off a closed-off energy? Nervous energy? If you’re feeling anything that you don’t want to project, then take a minute to focus on what you want to project. Focus on feeling confident. Feel it in every inch of your body. Feel it filling your energy. Then feel your energy filling the room. Now you’ve got it!

Sometimes we do this process naturally. We can flip a switch and be “on.” Other times we have to work harder at it. The times you have to work harder at it is when you want to go within, feel into your energy, then start filling yourself up with the energy you want to project.

While we are all a force of nature, sometimes we don’t feel like it. That’s when you want to use this handy tool. Be the force of nature that you want to be. Others will sense it.

So next time you enter a room, own it, girl! (or dude)

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