Readiness Key

Have you noticed sometimes when you get a healing or coaching session or DIY it to let something go, it doesn’t go? You can spend tons of money on healers, readers, coaches, etc but you still can’t let that issue go? It’s because of something called readiness.

I’m not saying don’t get healings or readings. I’m also not saying readers or healers can’t help you. They most definitely can. If a reading, coaching session or a healing doesn’t help you let go or heal something, it’s more than likely not because of the reader or healer. It’s you. That’s not a criticism, please understand.

It’s About the Journey

Most of us don’t heal or wake up overnight. The reason we don’t is because being on Earth is a journey, not to have an overnight spontaneous healing or awakening of the big stuff. The lesson is in the journey. You know the old saying, “It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey?” Trite, but true. (And boy do I wish kids could remember that on road trips, right?)

The other reason is something I’ve found to be true: readiness. You know the saying, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears?”  When you truly are ready, the teacher, the guru, the website, the youtube video, the book, whatever, will appear to assist you.

When You’re Ready, You’re Ready

It’s the same with healing. When you are truly ready, you will let go. How you let go – meeting the “right” healer or learning the “right” technique etc if you need it – will appear too because now you are ready for it. You might continue working with the same healer or coach and one day, BAM! You’re ready. The facilitator may not have done or said anything different, or maybe they did, but now your soul is ready to shift. So, you do. It’s just like that. Seen it, done it. BAM!

Issues that are deep seated take a while to let go of. That’s why waking up and healing is a process and can take a while. Consider this. If you were subjected to any type of abuse growing up or later, you became a victim. As time goes by you realize it and decide you don’t like being a victim. You’ve chosen on your path to awakening you want to let go of being a victim. You may take many courses, work with many healers, get readings etc and the victim mentality is still embedded in your energy field. You may get frustrated, want to give up or really do give up, lose faith in that healer etc. Just know any and all of that is common. It’s not anyone’s fault the victim mentality isn’t going away just yet and that includes you. It’s not your fault so please don’t go into beating yourself up mode because you can’t get rid of the victim mentality right now.  That’s just lumping more victim c*** on yourself.

Trust me on this one. For years I have struggled with letting go of old issues. I’ve worked with various professionals to help me release stuff, I’ve prayed, I’ve meditated, I’ve visualized. I’ve done all kinds of stuff and maybe you have too. Still there.  Believe me, I’ve gotten frustrated too. To the point where I just want to throw in the towel.

Once you start on your journey of awakening you can’t go back to being asleep. You can stop your journey. But do you really want to? Ok, on your frustrating days you want to. But guess what? Unless you get back on the path the pain of being a victim (or whatever you’re trying to heal) isn’t going to go away. More than likely it will get worse because the Universe is pinging you to let it go. It’s turning up the heat on you. (Been there, done that! It stinks, I got the message already!) So, go ahead, get frustrated for a while and take a break if you choose. Eventually, though, you’ll get back on the path because you know that’s the only way to let go of the pain, the lesson you are working on. (The Universe won’t leave you alone til you do. The universal phone will just keep ringing until you take their call!)

Once you get back on your path you may still have some bumps in the road, still not releasing all the way. It won’t go away completely until you are truly ready to let go of all of it. Until you see and feel and really get that however it served you, is causing you more pain than you want to continue to endure, is making your life a bigger mess than you want to live with, you aren’t truly ready.

What’s Your Pay-off?

Many people call how it serves you the “pay-off” but I never related to that term because I never felt I was getting any positive benefit from it. To me, pay-off indicates something positive. But that’s just me.  When you are truly ready, you will let it go. The pay-off will no longer serve you. You’re done with it. You’re so over it. Because then you see how continuing to be a victim (or whatever your healing issue is) plays out in your life and you see how it truly is painful.

Even when you are ready it may still take a few healing sessions or setting your intentions every day for thirty days or whatever technique you choose, or maybe it will go away in an instant, but I promise you, this time it will be easier and it will go because you are READY. I have seen it in action in my own life so I know it to be true. BTW I got this readiness key in a meditation one day and it made so much sense I had to share it with you. Yeah, I’m sure you can google readiness and change, but I got it in meditation so I really integrated it.  Googling is great, but integrating it is the bomb!

Here’s another trite but true saying, “You don’t get it til you get it.” “You aren’t ready til you’re ready.” Well, my friends, that is so true. Remember, I’ve spent thousands of dollars on my journey to let stuff go and it doesn’t go. Then one day the light bulb goes off and BAM! I shifted. Because I was finally ready.

How ready are you? I challenge you to dig deep inside and find that answer in yourself. If you aren’t quite ready yet, it’s ok. You will be someday, I promise. And when you are….BAM! It’s done.

Like Sponegebob says, “I”m ready! I’m ready!”