Don’t be a Victim of Tomorrow

As I mentioned in an email, I’ve been dealing with some physical issues that have prevented me from being on electronics consistently. As of right now, I don’t have the answers yet for self-healing. When I do, I’ll for sure let you know.

When we don’t feel well, our intuition doesn’t work as well because our mind is distracted by our ailment or pain. However, I got this download that I’d like to share with you. It’s pretty basic and you may have heard it before, but it never hurts to hear it again or hear it in a different way that makes sense.

Manifesting Your Way to Health

‘Manifesting an item or a circumstance is one thing, but manifesting good health is another thing entirely because it involves the mind-body connection. Most of us have not mastered that connection, hence most people cannot manifest perfect health for themselves.

Manifesting 101 says that our thoughts and beliefs need to be in alignment, or match up with, whatever it is that we’re manifesting. As we know, having our thoughts and beliefs in alignment are not enough when it comes to manifesting something involving another person(s). That’s because others have their own free will too and therefore are free to make decisions that may not be what we want. We cannot make someone do something. As much as we wish we could sometimes (think your kids or partner!), we cannot.

We can only truly influence ourselves. Our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and responses to situations.

Program Tomorrow

With all of that said, sadly I don’t believe very many of us can manifest perfect health at this time. As they say, “It’s above our pay grade!” There are many factors at play. However, we certainly can influence our health and I believe do some minor healing. We may not be able to heal cancer or a broken bone with our minds (yet!), but I believe we’re headed there someday. In the meantime, we can influence our health with our mind.

Many of us have a tendency to say, “I hope tomorrow goes well!” or “I hope I get that job!” or “If I feel better…” We don’t give much thought to our words because it’s a habit. It’s what we’ve been taught. It’s what our parents said. So, we continue to use the same words.

There’s nothing wrong with those words. It’s just that there isn’t a lot right with them either.

Ask yourself this before you speak: Do you want to feel better tomorrow? Do you want tomorrow to go well? Do you want to get that job?

Then project it!

Program it.

Like a software programmer programs code, you can program your day. Not with symbols and codes, but with your thoughts, which is our programming language. Program it with your thoughts.

Watch Your Words

Instead, start thinking and saying out loud: “Tomorrow IS going to be a good day!” or “I WILL get that job!” or “I WILL feel better tomorrow!”

Most of us aren’t word smiths. We don’t pay that much attention to the words that we use in every day situations. As I said above, it’s habit. Make it a new habit to pay attention.

Doesn’t it feel stronger to say, “I WILL feel better tomorrow” than “I HOPE I feel better tomorrow?” Hope is a great word, but it’s not very strong.  Will has conviction. Hope is leaving it to chance. It’s setting us up to be a victim because we have no control over the situation.

The way the mind and body interact is very complex and we don’t understand it all. Thinking your way into a good day is a great start, but it’s not the entire picture. Tomorrow may come and despite all of your positive programming, your stomach is worse or the infection spread etc. Some things are out of our control. Once the body takes over in its reactions it often requires medical intervention to slow it down.

Unless, of course, you are very good at tapping into your subconscious to re-program your body. I believe that is possible, but most of us at this time, don’t have that ability, myself included. That’s why we have healing tools such as devices or modalities. They can heal at a level that we’re not aware of.

All of that aside, we can still do our part and program our consciousness. Remember the placebo effect. It is possible to believe something will work against the odds. Our mind is extremely powerful. Use it wisely.

Today is Pre-Sent

Think about it this way. The present is pre-sent. Meaning it’s not here yet. Even a second ago is not the present. It’s technically the past now. If it’s Tuesday and you want to influence Wednesday, program your thoughts on Tuesday for Wednesday.

Instead of leaving it to chance how you’ll feel tomorrow or if you’ll get that job tomorrow, pre-send your thoughts, program them. Don’t hope. Don’t wish. Don’t gamble. Expect it. Expect it with no strings attached. Be confident about it. Know that it will happen.

How Will You Respond Tomorrow?

When tomorrow comes if you don’t get that job or you don’t feel so great, don’t let your day be crushed. Life is a series of responses. How will you respond to that disappointing news? Will you be optimistic for the next job? Or go down a dark tunnel of pessimism? Will you let life knock you around or will you take control?

If you don’t feel good tomorrow, will you dwell on it, constantly noticing how bad you feel? Or will you keep projecting positive thoughts to send your body a message? The message being I want to feel better! I am feeling better – even if it’s not right now. Don’t include that last part in your thoughts if you can help it because that’s noticing again how bad you feel.

If understandably you can’t be positive about your situation when you don’t feel good, at least be neutral. Don’t think negative thoughts. Don’t notice how bad you feel (mentally or physically). Ignore it altogether so that you can get on with your day.

That doesn’t mean sweep it under the rug and hope it goes away. I’d never promote that attitude. As I wrote in a previous blog post, it’s ok to put things on hold until you can deal with them. Sometimes you just gotta get on with your day. You have to function. You have to work or take care of the kids or your parents or whatever the case may be. It’s hard to function when we’re dwelling on how bad we feel or how disappointed we are that we didn’t get that job etc. In those cases, put it in your back pocket until you can deal with it.

In the meantime, pre-send your positive thoughts. Not only will it make you feel better tomorrow, it’ll give you some optimism today knowing tomorrow will go well.

How do you know how you are doing with your healing? How do you realize that you’re programming tomorrow for failure?

Ask your intuition.

Do you have intuition? How do you know?

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