To Follow or Not

Recently in a reading I had a client ask me a question about a decision he needed to make. He talked to his wife about it, but she believed differently than he did. So, he had two choices – do what she believes or take a stand for what he believes. As a psychic I can’t advise him either way since ultimately the choice is his. Common sense says he’d be happier if he went with his own belief. My role was to validate that for him since he was struggling with it.

Whether your decision is small or life-changing, how do you choose which way to go?

Ask Friends and Family

If he asked more friends and family then he’d get more mixed answers. Then it gets confusing because there are too many opinions. Once you gather all of these opinions, how do you choose? Whose opinion do you take as your own? How will you know if it’s right?

Don’t get caught in the trap of wanting to please someone by taking their advice. Don’t fear their judgement or wrath if you don’t go their way. This is about you and your life. Do what’s best for you, not someone else. Leave the people pleasing out of the equation.

If you’re the kind of person who’s easily influenced it’d be easy to go with someone else’s advice based on their belief system. But is it yours? Would you really feel comfortable with it at the end of the day? Would you later regret it? Would you resent them for their opinion?

When we make decisions based on other people’s opinions, we often later wish we hadn’t because it’s not truly what we believe and resonate with.

Be Logical

Logical people might do a pro vs con list. It is helpful to see both sides and weigh the outcomes. But, at the end you still have to pick a side.  How will you know which one to pick? Sometimes the cons outnumber the pros. If the pros are very important to you, then it becomes a matter of once again deciding, which side will you take? It’s never clear cut as it’s always up to you in the end.

There are other ways to use logic in making a decision such as the “if/then” scenario. If this happens, then play it out to see what the outcome will be. Do you like that outcome or not? How will you feel if you make your decision based on that possible scenario? What if that scenario doesn’t come to fruition?

Base it Off of the Past

If the decision you want to make is similar to a past situation, some people would be tempted to make the new decision based on the past. But is it the right one? You’re not the same person you were no matter how long ago it was. Times change, we change, circumstances change. Is it the right decision for you today based on today’s parameters? Will that decision still work today? What if you got it wrong and the situations aren’t that similar after all?

It seems no matter which strategy you choose to make a decision – relying on other people’s opinions, being logical or using the past to base the present – you still have to decide which way to go. Which strategy would you choose? Which outcome would you choose? Will you feel good about your decision? Were you choosing it to make someone else happy or yourself? Were you basing it on an older version of yourself? These are all things to consider.

There’s a Quicker and Easier Way

Or, you can take a quicker and easier route – ask your intuition.

When we ask our intuition a question it knows what’s best for us. How does it know? Because it’s connected to the Divine, the Universal Knowing, God, whatever you want to call it. It knows things we don’t know. It has access to information we don’t have – unless we tap into it.

When you get an answer from your intuition the pressure is off because you don’t have to please “it” by following its direction. “It” doesn’t care whether you go along with it or not. However, you will find that when you use your intuition regularly, your decisions are better. It’s when you don’t follow it that life doesn’t turn out so well. I’m sure you can think of a time when your gut said do this and you ended up doing the opposite. How did it turn out? Probably not as good. I know I’ve had that experience before!

When you follow your intuitive guidance, you don’t have to rely on logic. Or at least, not logic alone. It’s perfectly fine to combine your logic with your intuition if that helps you feel more comfortable, especially when you first start using it. Sometimes the logical decision isn’t always the best one. Intuition can help you discern whether to follow logic or not.

If you choose to look to your past to answer your present quandary let intuition guide you. Just because it worked in the past doesn’t mean it will work now. Sometimes we feel it’s easier to base our decisions off the past. We don’t have to think too hard or stress about it. Just do what we did before. If it’s really not the best solution for the present, why do it? And how will you know if it’s not? Your intuition will know. All you have to do is believe it and follow it.

We All Get Hunches

Listening and believing it is a topic for another day. Everyone has had a gut feeling or an intuitive hunch at some point in their life so you know what I mean. Using It regularly is a matter of swapping out your old tools for a new one.  Give yourself an upgrade. Don’t rely on others, rely on you.

As I said in the beginning, my client already had his answer, he had his intuitive hunch. He just wanted me to validate it for him, which I did. He had good intuition. And so do you.

In these troubled times we’re in there are so many opinions and so many different belief systems. Using your intuition reduces the chatter of those old tactics. It bypasses doubt and confusion and takes you straight to knowing.

Wouldn’t you rather just “know” than to stress and doubt? I know I would!

Next time you have a small decision to make, even if it’s the proverbial finding the best parking spot, ask your intuition to guide you. The stakes are much smaller so listen to it. When you follow it, you gain a track record of being accurate. Then you’ll see for yourself that you made the best decision.

You got this!

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