With Age Comes….

…wisdom. We all know that saying and can fill in that blank. However, I beg to differ. Often it does, but not always. It’s not a guarantee. You probably know older people (whatever your definition of “older” is) that aren’t that wise. Case in point. That’s not meant as a criticism, but rather an observation.

Wisdom is knowledge combined with experience. Being able to execute it is a whole different story. Reading and working with thousands of people, I can verify that with age does not come wisdom. In my experience I have seen many “older” people without it. And conversely, many younger people (20s and 30s) that have it.  Many of us have even seen babies or toddlers that “seem so wise.” You are not mistaken. Some souls are much wiser. On purpose.

From what I have downloaded, it goes back to our life lessons.

It’s Your Life Lesson

Everyone has one life lesson in common: learn from your mistakes, correct your negative behaviors, be a better person. Even if your mistakes or negativity are from a previous life, it’s still meant to be corrected in this one.

The theory of reincarnation says that we come to the current life to right the wrongs from the previous life. From what I have seen, those behaviors don’t always go in order. Meaning, in this lifetime you could be working on a lesson from three or more lifetimes ago, not the most recent one.  Why that is could be any number of reasons.

Past lives aside, our focus in this life is to become aware of our behavior and surroundings and be the best person that we can be. That doesn’t mean the most famous or the richest.  It means what religions teach us: be kind, compassionate, generous etc. Whether you believe in religion or not, being a good person is common sense. Religions just happen to promote it.

Not Everyone Learns the Lesson

Some of us do take the lead. We become aware, we wake up. We strive to be better. We may not reach 100% but that’s part of being human. Keep trying. Get as close as you can. That’s everyone’s life goal. Just some don’t make it.

Those are the cranky eighty-year-olds. Or the insufferable retiree. Or the ones who go to their death bed as mean as they were when younger. They didn’t learn. They didn’t take the gift of wisdom. It’s available to everyone. Why they didn’t learn it could be a myriad of reasons. The point is, they chose not to. They failed their biggest life lesson so to speak. They cruised through life not becoming one iota better. And didn’t care.

And that’s ok. It’s their choice. If you live with one of those people then you know preaching won’t change a thing. They’ll change or not and usually by late in life, not. It was their loss. They could’ve been happier, had a more fulfilling life, but they chose not to. They could’ve applied all their life experiences that they didn’t learn to smooth out their rough ride.

Wise and Young

Then there’s the very wise younger adults. The 20s, 30s and even 40s. It was their destiny to embrace this wisdom. Most of them don’t even know they have it. How do I know? Because I read for them all the time.

Trust me, 20, 30 year-olds out there, when I tell you that you are wise for your age that is a huge compliment. It is not one to be taken lightly. Many older people never get it. Yet here you are a young adult and your life is already on cruise control so to speak. Meaning, it’s going great with very few bumps. (Some bumps are normal.) You have figured out life. You are aware. You continually improve yourself. You help others in some way. That’s using your wisdom.

Maybe one of you reading this is that young person. Or your child or someone that you know. They are out there and from what I’ve seen, increasing in numbers. Why?

The World Needs You

Because the world needs more awake and aware people. Humanity is going through a huge change right now. It needs people to hold positive energy so that humanity can make a positive shift, not a negative one. Humanity needs more people who are using their wisdom to create a better life for themselves and helping others to do so too.

When I say better life, again, I don’t mean financially, although that is nice. Being a better person. Stop judging people. Don’t blame others. Course correct your mistakes then show others how you did it. That’s what this blog is about. In my posts I share my life and how I’ve made changes. Or I share stories about how my clients have changed. Or give you tools how to change. It’s to assist you to change if you choose to do so. To take the carrot and ascend, which means higher consciousness which starts with awareness that leads to change.  To be a better person.

For the stages of waking up and ascension, click here. If you think you may be waking up but aren’t sure, use this checklist.

When we don’t judge, blame, criticize etc. we are holding a higher vibration. That’s exactly what the world needs. Besides, doesn’t it feel better when you are nicer? Even if it’s only for five minutes before you go back to complaining about your crappy job or whatever.  It feels good to be nice. Yet, many of us have a hard time sustaining that because of all the negativity out there and the patterns that we set for ourselves that we haven’t corrected …. yet.

The wise ones see their mistakes, where they went wrong. Then they don’t blow them off, they don’t berate themselves for them. They learn from them. They apply what they learned so as not to repeat it.  That is part of being a better person.

For all of those younger adults out there, congratulations on being so wise so young in life. It was your destiny to be so. For those of us older adults that have embraced and applied wisdom, good job!

Keep on being wise.  It will help you and humanity more than you know. I thank you for it.

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