Were You Famous?

What Was Your Past Life?

Roman Emperors, Egyptian Pharaohs, Medieval Kings, Spanish princesses….it all sounds so exotic. Leonardo de Vinci, Catherine the Great, Merlin…..were you one of them?

Why do we care to know about our past lives? Other than the fact that it can be fun or interesting to know about a past life there can be benefits to knowing our past. Oftentimes we keep repeating a pattern from a past life. It’s that pattern that we want to be aware of so we can clear it out in this life.

It’s All About the Patterns

Sometimes people come to me for a reading because they keep attracting the same type of person and want to know if it’s from a past life. It could be because the type of relationship you have with them is a carry-over from a past life that you came here to work out in this lifetime. Or it could be a new lesson for this lifetime. It’s hard to know without delving into your past lives or Akashic Record.

Another common question I get is: Do I know a certain person from a past life? Here’s the quick answer. Probably yes. The reason I say that is when we are on “the other side” or the place we go when we physically leave Earth, we have soul groups. These groups are the souls we “hang out” with. These groups are like concentric rings where we have the inner group and then outer rings or groups we don’t associate with as much. We tend to reincarnate with souls from our “inner” soul group or those from the “outer rings.” Usually these souls play the important roles in our life such as family, good friends, lovers etc. So yes, you probably knew someone before. But not necessarily. Or maybe you haven’t incarnated with them in a long time. Again, it’s hard to know without reading your past lives.

You May be Repeating Lessons

We all come to Earth to work on lessons. You may be repeating a certain lesson from many lifetimes because you haven’t resolved it yet. Maybe you were a victim in a past life and you chose to be a victim again in this life to resolve it. A past life reading can reveal that. Knowing certain lessons or patterns are being repeated can help you understand why it is so deep rooted. If you suspect it is a carry-over lesson a past life reading can clarify and confirm that for you. Being aware is the first step to letting anything go.

It’s not always necessary to know what the details of the life were to resolve something. For example, maybe all you need to know is that you were a woman and that you were abandoned by a husband that never returned and that is why you struggle with abandonment today. The details such as what part of the world, what time frame, can be fun to know, but often not necessary.

Were You Famous?

Most people want to know if they were someone famous in a past life. With all the millions of souls on Earth today there is a good chance you were not. Or if you were, you may have been famous for your time, but not someone that history remembers such as Leonardo de Vinci. Perhaps you were famous on a small scale meaning maybe you were a local politician that everyone knew or the popular medicine woman.

Past life readings can also explain why you are good at something or have an interest in something. For example, I once did a reading for a man who is slim today but was very obese in ancient Asia. Being obese in ancient times was a sign of wealth because you could afford to eat. He clearly enjoyed his food back then. Then I asked the man if today he is a foodie because I can see him now enjoying and cooking food but not to the extreme as he is slim. Yes, he is a foodie and a chef! So, there you go. He brought forward his love of food into this life but now he enjoys it without abusing it, hence he is not overweight.

In other readings I have found that people were musicians, singers or dancers in a past life only to see that they have the same talent or interest today. Their soul brought forth a talent they once enjoyed and were good at to enjoy and excel at it again today. There are no coincidences.

Do You Feel the Pull?

Have you felt an urgent need or a gentle, yet persistent pull to visit a certain place? You know the feeling when you get it.  More than likely the reason you are feeling this need is because you probably lived there. If you don’t feel a pull, it may be because you just don’t remember it. If you do go there you may have the sensation that you are home even if you are thousands of miles across the globe.

Ever since I was old enough to know about the pyramids, I wanted to see them. I felt incredibly drawn to Egypt. Other than just an interest, a fascination, I didn’t know why because I was a kid. When I got older and learned about past lives, I assumed I had a life in Egypt because I felt incredibly drawn towards it. When I finally went to Egypt for the first time, I felt like I was “home” even though I was in a country so different than the US and one that I had never been to before. As soon as my plane landed, I felt comforted.

If you look at it logically, it doesn’t make sense to feel at home some place you’ve never visited, don’t know how to speak the language and whose customs are so vastly different from your own. When you ask your intuition for some assistance, you’ll know immediately why you feel at home here – it once was your home!

While in Egypt I met an actual sheik who does readings. He not only confirmed my past Egyptian life, he told me who I was.  What he told me blew me away. When I returned home, I had other readings to see if they would confirm or deny it. Every one of them confirmed it. Then I started having memories of the life. Once he gave me the “who” I was able to unlock the details. There are many reasons this life came forward for me to know and understand. There are lessons in the knowing. What did I not resolve in that life that I am working on in this life? What did I know in that life that I’m not using in this life? Many questions with many answers that I am still working on.

Visiting Places You’ve Lived in Before

If you have the opportunity to go to a place where you had a past life, be aware that you may get a strong reaction or memory.  People have told me stories of seeing their past life burial spot or their remains, which you can imagine brings up many emotions and possibly memories. You may see or feel something triggering a deju vu moment knowing you have been there before.

Many years ago, I put my foot into a preserved footprint from Colonial American times that resulted in a chill all over my body (a confirmation). Either that was my footprint preserved for posterity or I walked in that area around that time or knew the person who left the footprint. Memories were coming back to me, but I wasn’t aware enough at the time to know what they were or how to decipher them.

Instead of feeling comfortable, you may get an aversion to a place instead. People who were on the Titanic in a past life often don’t want to go on big ships in this life. Knowing that, however, you can work with that fear to clear it out. You may still choose not to go on a cruise, but at least you won’t be choosing from fear.

If you meet someone and think they may be from your past life, reach inside to your intuition to feel into the answer. If you go somewhere and think that you’ve been there before, again, ask your intuition for confirmation. If you’re still not sure, feel free to reach out to me to schedule a reading where we can discuss past lives or [click here to] do an Akashic Record Reading. You may be surprised – or not – at the answers you get about your past, patterns and lessons.

If you’re life isn’t working out so great and you want it to get better, listening to your intuition to guide you is the key. If you want to look to the past to solve answers in the present, asking your intuition will guide you.

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