The Truth Can be Hard to Find

Sometimes “the proof isn’t in the pudding” and sometimes neither is the truth. The phrase means something can only be judged when it’s eaten. Sometimes the truth can’t be gotten that way either.

Searching for the truth these days is harder than ever. If you follow politics or any current events you’ll notice if you’re discerning all the misinfo and disinfo. Half truths are often embedded with truth to make it seem real. It’s mind boggling how hard it is to get to the truth these days!

The Truth is Hard to Find in Any Arena

Even in the spiritual world the truth is hard to find.  Take channeled readings for example. I read them but I take them with a grain of salt as all channeled readings, whether the channeler admits this or is aware of it or not, goes through their own filters, their experiences, their knowledge. It’s hard to remain completely neutral because we’re human.

Take the Age of Aquarius for example. Some say we’re already in it, some say we have been in it for a while, others say we’re not there yet. Who do you believe?

My thoughts on that go back to the other common phrase, “the truth is somewhere in the middle.” In terms of the Age of Aquarius does it really matter if we’re almost there or are there? The truth is somewhere in the middle of that. We’re close enough or we’re in it, that’s good enough for me.

You know the saying, “close enough only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.” Meaning if you’re close, it’s good enough because you still hit your target. Almost is good enough for me in many instances, depending on the subject, of course.  

Most people when they state things, myself included, are well intentioned. We tell you what we believe to be true. In the spiritual world oftentimes, we have no proof of these concepts so we have to take the person’s word for it. We have to decide whether to believe their information or not.

A word of caution, there are people in all subject matter arenas that put out disinfo or misinfo intentionally. Just know that. It is a fact, you can google it. Why they do it is a longer conversation that I won’t go into here.

How Do You Find the Truth?

So, knowing some people intentionally mislead you, others do not, how do you find the truth?

That’s a really good question.

Yes, you can use a pendulum, but I’ve never been convinced they are 100% accurate. That’s my opinion. Yes, you can use cards of any type, but they are open to the reader’s interpretation. Yes, you can get a psychic reading, but as I’ve said many times before, readings are only as accurate as your actions. And readings go through the psychic’s filters.

I’m not saying don’t use pendulums, cards or psychics, just do it with an open mind or use it for validation of your own knowing.

Get Into Your Heart

The only way that I know is to go into your heart, the center of our truth, the center of our intuition.

Our heart is our connection to the etheric world.  Our heart is our connection to other dimensions.

The heart represents love, the highest frequency of the universe. Our heart is our center of truth. Some say it’s the third eye which is the center of intuition. Intuition, my friends, is in every cell of our body. That’s why you have a “gut” feeling. The gut has intuition. Same with chill bumps when you get an intuitive “hit.”

That’s how healing works. Every cell in the body is “smart” so to speak. Every cell has its own intuition. That’s how it knows what to do. My son once asked me how does your body know when you take a painkiller to send that pain relief to your foot that hurts? Your body’s intuition, that’s how. Science may have some fancy answer, but intuition is the real answer. Any healer knows when they do a healing session on you, they are the facilitator helping your body. They aren’t doing the work; you and your body are. Your body has its own innate wisdom. It’s called intuition. That’s what we need to rely on for truth.

If you feel you aren’t plugged into your intuition or you aren’t getting any intuitive hits when you want to discern the truth, go into your heart. Getting into our heart can be less intimidating to some people than to figure out their intuition. Hint: it’s really one and the same.

How do you do that?

Imagine something you love whether a person, pet or place. Let the feelings of love swell up inside you until you have a smile on your face (maybe not literally) and joy in your body. You know what love feels like so conjure it up. Imagine it. Feel it. Once you have that feeling, you are in your heart. Then ask your question again. See if whatever you just read rings true with you.  If you still don’t get an answer, wait a while and try again. If you aren’t used to doing this it can take a lot of practice. Keep trying until you feel confident about it.

Practice Exercise

It’s easy enough to practice this. Read a book or watch a movie. At some point stop reading or watching. Go into your heart and ask yourself where the story is going. What do you think will happen? Sometimes it’s really easy to predict an outcome, but other times it’s not. If it’s not obvious to you, that’s when this is a good exercise. Your heart is giving you the answer. Continue reading or watching to validate your hunch.

Next time you’re reading an article or watching a video and aren’t sure what to believe do the same thing. Pause it, get into your heart and see how you feel. If it doesn’t feel good to you, stop reading. If it does, keep watching then wait to see if what they said comes true later. If it’s not something you can get concrete evidence for, you can still get a level of comfort by going into your heart.

The truth may not always be in the pudding, but it’s always in your heart.