Focus on the End

“Don’t be afraid of the beginning but look out for the end.” – Russian proverb

It’s the End, not the Beginning that Matters

That could easily be a manifesting proverb as manifesting always tells us to focus on what we want (the end result), not how we get there. Leave the how and the rest of the 6 Ws to the Universe. Read my previous blog post for a refresher on that topic.

When it’s time for you to know your next move, the Universe will inspire you. Before then, just “keep your eyes on the prize” as my husband likes to say.

When we are starting something new or challenging or what we perceive as scary, we hesitate. That’s when the procrastination comes in. Read my previous blog post for a refresher on procrastination.

It’s just that, though. Fears, worries, concerns, lack of knowledge how to start. So, we don’t start. Even if we know what to do, our fears can outweigh our desires. We stay stuck in neutral. We let the beginning overwhelm us.

Break it Down

That’s when it helps to break it down. Break it into small, manageable pieces. If you like lists, list out what you need to do next. If you have the mind of a project manager, detail everything that you need to do and when. If you’re more of the creative type, get out your crayons and paper and draw what you want to do. Or draw a circle with spokes coming off of it for your tasks so it’s not so linear. Get it out of your head and onto paper. Getting it on paper (or digitally) makes it real. It requires that we refer back to it and update it. Or just check in with what you need to do next.

Here’s another way to look at it. What you want is desirable, it’s exciting or else you wouldn’t want it. As with manifesting, don’t get stuck on the beginning because that’s the details, the how. Focus on the end result, what you want. Focusing on the end result keeps our excitement and motivation up. Focusing on the beginning can keep us stuck in fear.

If it’s a new job that you want let yourself continually focus on it, to the point where that’s all you want to think about. Or a new house, a new car, a new girlfriend/boyfriend whatever. Let the desire become so real and so exciting that you forget about what you need to do next. Because before you know it you either already brought it to you or the next step to having it won’t be scary but exciting.

Why does it work that way?

It’s Dense

When we’re filled with dread or anxiety it’s easy to get stuck in that even though it’s not a good feeling. It’s also very dense energy. It’s harder to overcome dense energy because of the nature of it.

It’s like trying to lose fifty pounds. It’s much easier to lose five than fifty. Dread is like that too. If you dread it, you’ll do anything to avoid it. Thus, you don’t do it. Like losing weight, it’s easier to think about it and keep eating those chips than it is to put them down.

That’s why diet plans often have you find an old photo of yourself when you were slimmer. Or find a photo of a celebrity or some random person whose body you want to look like. Then put it on your fridge as a reminder for every time you reach for the snacks. It’s called motivation.

That technique works the same way a vision board works. Find photos of things you desire and work with it often enough to bring those things to you. That’s called focusing on the end result, not the beginning.

Who wants to start a diet? No one. Who wants to look fabulous in their skinny jeans? Everyone. See what I mean? It isn’t fun to focus on the beginning – the diet in this case. The thought of cutting out your favorite foods and reducing calories could send anyone into a tither. So, we don’t cut them out. We don’t diet. We just think about it. We don’t really want the diet we want to fit into our jeans – the end result.

But the thought of gliding into those skinny jeans or any other desired item is exciting! Doesn’t it make more sense to focus on fitting easily into your jeans than all the favorite foods that you can’t eat?

That’s what I’m talking about.

One Day at a Time

If it’s fitting into your jeans that you’re after, then take the diet one day at a time. No one said you have to do it perfectly. If you mess up, get back on it. It might take you a little longer to achieve your goal, but if doing it quicker is important to you, then you won’t splurge.

It’s like yoga. Yoga is a practice, not a sport. That means the more you do it, the better you get. In my yoga class we often do balance poses. For most people, those are the most challenging poses. Often in class I see people falling out of balancing poses. They start to wobble, then bam! They’re out of the pose. It’s happened to me on occasion too. The instructor always says, if you fall out of it, fine, then get back in it. That’s the only way that you improve. Keep doing it.

Yoga is very much about focus and concentration. We don’t focus on being a pro. Even the instructors admit there’s many poses that they cannot do. Since it’s not a sport there are no winners or losers. We focus on the end result – getting a little better every time.

Over the years I’ve seen many people come and go in yoga class. Only the devoted stick with it. Only those willing to continue practicing keep going. Those that saw only difficulty saw the beginning, not the end. They were never to be seen in class again.

Bottom line is that if you want something bad enough, you’ll find a way to get it. If the “how” (the beginning) of getting it is tripping you up, then do what I do when I manifest. Focus on the end result, then listen for the Universe to give the clues on the how. When I get the clues, now is time to act.

If you’re not acting on getting what you want, then maybe you don’t want it that badly. Ever think about that?

If you’re not sure if you’re doing manifesting “right”, how do you know? Ask your intuition.

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