What to Do When You’re at a Crossroads in Life

Being at a crossroads can be uncomfortable because we’re not sure which way to go. We feel uneasy, confused, disoriented maybe even angry due to frustration. Because we’re uncertain, this is when we often seek help. Whether it’s just going inside ourselves to get the solution or looking to others to help us find the answer.  We look for the answers because we’re not sure which way to go.

It’s like if you’re lost and hit a T-intersection. You’re forced to choose left or right. Which way to go? Sometimes you get it right, other times you don’t. Then you have to circle back around to the correct direction.

Life is like that too. Whenever we’re at a juncture and can’t figure out which way to go, that’s when we have to pull over, so to speak, and re-group. If we were in the car, we’d get out our map in the old days or consult the GPS on our phone today.  Since this isn’t about being physically lost, we still need assistance that a GPS can’t help us with.

But your internal GPS can.

What’s your internal GPS?

Your intuition.

Which Way do I Go?

Say for example you’re about to make the “big move.” You’re about to seal the deal with your partner. Get married or live together. But things haven’t been going so well lately. You’re at that T-intersection in life. Do I turn left and end it because I’m upset, burned out, done with the relationship? Or do I turn right and give it another try because I really still love and care about the person?

When we get to that point where it’s a big decision and we’re really not sure or need reassurance for the decision we’re about to make, that’s when we seek assistance. As I said, assistance can be from yourself reaching inside to see what you want to do, examining your motives, feeling into your desires. Or you can talk it over with a friend, a therapist, a psychic, whatever. Choose whichever option feels best to you – consult yourself or someone else.

You Have the Answers Inside You

Many of us consult other people, even if we already know what we want, we just want reassurance that we’re doing the right thing.  That’s all fine and good to do that, it’s normal.

There is another way – go inside. Yes, you can still examine your motives, re-trace your thoughts and feelings. Logical people tend to do that. It makes sense to them to do that.

For those who want a way that’s not so logical but works, go inside and ask your higher self, your intuition, your connection to the Divine.

You can also combine the two. Examine yourself and ask your higher self the best course of action for you.

How do you know if it’s right?

You just know.

Well, that is if you are in touch with your intuition and used to working with it.

You Are Your Own Oracle

Our intuition is like an oracle. It has all the answers. We just need to ask it.

It’s like those dice we had as kids that said, “yes, no or maybe” depending on the roll. Your intuition will also tell you yes, no or maybe.

Often when we’re seeking answers outside ourselves when we’re at the crossroads, we already know which way we want to go. We may not feel it at the moment, but if you get quiet, like really quiet, and feel inside yourself, that’s when you know you know. You have the answer. Go inside, ask that little voice.

Get into Your Heart for Answers

Some people like to visualize getting into their heart space, which is our physical connection to the Divine, not our heads. It feels less threatening or scary than trying to connect with intuition for those not used to doing that. You don’t have to stress over getting the answers as much. Just feel into the love.

Visualize getting into your heart space however that looks for you. Maybe it’s seeing pink, puffy clouds, or feeling an overwhelming sense of love and peace, or flying with the angels. Whatever it is for you, go there in your imagination. Feel into it. Get into that vibration. When you get lost in it is when you’re most connected. That is the time to ask your question! Should I stay or go? Go left or go right? You’ll get your answer.

If you’re unpracticed at connecting with your higher self or your heart space, try it. Keep doing it. You will eventually feel the connection if you don’t right away. People who are in their heads a lot will probably have to try more than once or twice. That’s ok, we all have to start somewhere.

Next time you’re uncertain about which way to go, which decision to make, ask yourself. You can use your logic, you can still call a friend. Try going inside too. We all have all the answers, we just don’t know that we do. Or we don’t know how to get them. Or we get them and aren’t sure that they’re right. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll know. You just know.

How do I know?

Because I just know.

And you will too.

P.S. If you’re still uncertain about how to get into your heart or get in touch with your intuition, contact me.