Why Your Values are so Important to Get the Life of Your Dreams

What Do You Value?

What are your values? That’s something we don’t often think about, we just live our life.

What do I mean by values?  I don’t mean valuables like your money or your home or your jewelry.

Values are intangible things like: acceptance, authenticity, compassion, connections, curiosity, creativity, courage, fairness, freedom, forgiveness, fun, gratitude, honesty, kindness, orderliness, persistence, respect, responsibility, trust and many more.

It’s Important to Know What Your Values Are First

It doesn’t matter what your values are. It matters that you know them first. Most of us live our life according to our values, but some do not. When we don’t live our life consistent with our values, then our life goes awry.

For example, let’s say honesty is one of your top values. You’re an honest person and value honesty in others. Then at work you’re put in a situation where you’re forced to lie or lose your job. What would you do? That’s a tough situation because who wants to lose their job? If you live your life according to your value of honesty, you’d quit.

Because this is a difficult time right now and jobs are hard to come by, some people may choose to lie when they ordinarily wouldn’t. Others lie because that’s who they are. Honesty is not a value to them. I’m not judging, I’m just pointing out that those that lie don’t value honesty. So, for them, they are not out of integrity.

Those that choose to lie, well, you’ve seen many movies with that scenario. Eventually they’re found out or can’t live with themselves for lying. Some manage to carry on without it bothering them much, but I don’t think you’re that kind of person. Even if you were, it’s not my place to judge you for it. It means the person who lies and is ok with it doesn’t value honesty. While you and I may value honesty, not everyone does.

When You Live in Your Values, Your Life is in Flow

The point is, when we know what our values are and live by them, our life works out better. We feel more content because we’re not going against what we believe in.  We’re happier and our life flows because we know what we want and how to get there by being in alignment with our values. If you’re already happy and your life is flowing, then I’ll bet you’re already living your values. If you’re aren’t happy and your life isn’t working out so well, not living in keeping with your values could be the source.

If you’re not sure what your values are, check out this list.

Living according to our values, then, leads to a life of flow. How?  Once we know what our values are, this builds our integrity which guides us to take actions aligned with those values or not. Basically, our values are what motivate us which leads us to make choices consistent with those values that leads to our behavior and actions.

Better Decisions Leads to Better Outcomes in Our Lives

Your values guide you to make better decisions. When we make decisions over and over again that align with our values, then it leads to a series of positive choices for our highest good. Put succinctly: better decisions lead to better outcomes. And better outcomes lead to a life of our dreams.

When a person doesn’t have the life of their dreams or even a semi life of their dreams, it’s time to look at their decisions. You can’t change them, but you can see where you were out of alignment with your values. Again, if you’re not sure of your values, consult that list.

A person who isn’t making the best decisions isn’t in alignment with their values, maybe because they didn’t know what they were or never stopped to think about them. Now is the time to figure that out.  Without self-awareness of our personal values, we can’t make informed decisions that foster strong discernment.

Check in with Your Intuition

Lack of discernment isn’t only from being unaware of values, it’s also from not being in touch with intuition. When our internal guidance system, our intuition, isn’t being listened to or we are out of sync with our values, we can’t see what direction we are moving in. Then we can become increasingly lost and confused, losing discernment in which path we are supposed to or want to follow.

When we lack connection with our internal GPS, our intuition, and are unaware of our values or how-to live-in accordance with them, that’s when our life doesn’t turn out so great. It also means we lack a connection to our higher self and our self as a spiritual being.

Right now, in these trying times, connection to our higher self and the Divine is of the utmost importance. What’s going on in the world right now isn’t just about politics, it’s much more than that. Being in alignment with who you are and having a connection to your intuition will carry you through even the worst of times. Not to worry, though, I personally intuit much better times are ahead. Better than we can ever imagine! If you’re not sure, plug into your intuition to see what you pick up on.

Your To-do List to Get the Life of Your Dreams

In summary, to get the life of your dreams, first know what your values are. Consult that list as a refresher. Then do a mental check-list to see if you’re living by your values. Then, to assist you in making better decisions, access your intuition.

If you don’t feel you have any intuition, let me assure you that you do. We all do. If you don’t know how to get in touch with your intuition, that’s a common issue right now. Feel free to contact me for more information on how to develop your intuition.

Once you know that you have intuition and it’s working for you, you’re on the road to the life of your dreams! How do I know that? Because I’m living proof. If I can do it, so can you!