Ego Chatter Isn’t Always What You Think It Is

Whenever you try to calm your mind and keep hearing your fears or anxieties talking, that’s your ego. Mundane things like, “What am I going to make for dinner tonight?” or “Who’s going to pick up the dry cleaning?” is your conscious mind that hasn’t turned off.

Why does your ego continue to spit out fear and anxiety? It’s our warning system dating back to our caveman days where we needed to be on constant alert.  If you weren’t paying attention, you could get eaten or fall of a cliff. While that was very helpful then, we don’t need to be near as vigilant these days. Yet the ego keeps functioning that way.

From a recent download I received, it can also be something else. Something more sinister.

There are “entities” out there who want to see us succumb to fear, do something disastrous or just plain old screw up our life.

“Entities” is in quotes because it could be anything. I don’t have a catalog listing types of entities nor do I want one. The download on “entities” I received was vague on purpose. The point wasn’t to educate me on nefarious entities lurking around, but rather, to be aware that they exist.

One reason it’s important to know they exist is so that you can protect yourself. Another reason is peace of mind so that you don’t beat yourself up because you have constant fears or anxieties. Sometimes it’s just not your fault that those types of thoughts keep invading your mind. Once you realize that, you can stop berating yourself for having them. Or stop worrying over your constant worry.


How do we protect ourselves? The same way we would to shield ourselves from other people’s energy. It’s all about imagination and intention. Imagine some type of energetic protection around you. Everyone chooses something different. It can be putting yourself in white light, seeing a wall around yourself, putting yourself in a bubble etc. It doesn’t matter what you choose as long as you protect yourself.

The other part of the equation is to intend it. Don’t just imagine it. State out loud or in your head that you now have protection, your protection is up and running, whatever your word choice is. Something has to be said to engage it like turning on a switch. That’s what I was told and it makes sense to me. To use an example imagining it is like thinking about what you want for dinner. The intention is taking the action to cook it.

Step one: imagine your protection. Step two: engage it with intention.

Your next question may be why do these entities do this to us? There could be many reasons. The main reason is they get some sort of satisfaction from it. It serves some purpose for them. Just like not knowing all of the types of entities out there, it doesn’t matter what their purpose is. We can’t make them stop it so our biggest reason for knowing this is so that we can protect ourselves. Who wants their mind constantly filled with fearful thoughts? Right, you don’t, so put your protection up to prevent it.

Step Three

The other reason I am educating you on this is so that you don’t give them permission to energetically attack you. You can’t know what you don’t know is one of my favorite sayings. It applies in this case hence I am letting you know.

Step three is don’t give them permission. You you might ask, “Are you crazy, why would I give them permission?” You wouldn’t if you knew you were giving it. And you wouldn’t if you knew they were doing this to you.

When you aren’t aware this is happening you can’t put up your protection, can you? Therefore, you aren’t protected. When you aren’t protected, you’re still easy prey. By not knowing about them or not doing anything about them if you knew, you are giving them permission by default.

Just like with manifesting, we can manifest by default if we aren’t clear in our intentions, we can also give permission by default. These entities count on our default permission. That’s exactly how they can target so many of us.

Remove the Welcome Mat

To avoid giving them permission do steps one and two because now you’re aware of them. Step three is to tell them they aren’t welcome, they need to go away, you command them to leave, whatever words you choose to use. The point is you had the welcome mat out before by mistake but now you’re taking it away. The door is locked, the welcome mat is removed, the front porch light is off so to speak. It’s like avoiding an irritating neighbor. You’re not home and they need to go away!

Step one: imagine your protection. Step two: engage it with intention. Step three: tell them to go away.

By doing this not only are you telling them they’re not welcome, you’re taking back your power. Only YOU have control over your mind and body. Not them, you. That should feel empowering to you.

You’ll Feel Stronger

Feeling empowered is important because like most things in life, these entities prey on the weaker and the strong who are weak momentarily. Meaning if you’re super stressed out, an attack is more likely to occur than if you’re life is on cruise control and all is good. If you’re a negative person, you’re a prime target because your vibration is already low.

One way to remain a positive person in control of your life is to invoke those steps. That way you don’t open a door for them to enter. Now that you know, keep the door permanently closed.

If you have a meditation or relaxation practice doing these steps is especially important before you start your routine. When we’re relaxed and unaware, it’s easy for them to get in.

To keep your life running smoothly, just remember:

Step one: imagine your protection. Step two: engage it with intention. Step three: tell them to go away.

After doing this over time you should start to see your negative, fearful or worrisome thoughts decreasing. When I experience this, I immediately remember to do these steps and the intrusive thoughts disappear.

And so it is.

How do you know if it’s mindless ego chatter or something darker?

Ask your intuition. It’s your GPS to navigate life. Your GPS won’t let you down or get you lost just like your intuition won’t. It’s always there and it’s reliable.

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