What’s Your Underlying Story?

It’s common for us to use the 5W’s of storytelling I discussed previously when we’re thinking about our life. WHY isn’t he calling me? WHAT am I going to do now that I’m laid off? WHEN will I get a job? HOW much money will I make?  First notice you’re using the 5 W’s in your storytelling. Erase them. Then ask: What’s the underlying story? That’s where you get the nuggets.

WHY isn’t he calling me? You’re worried he won’t call because….? You’re afraid he doesn’t really like you? You worry (which is a form of fear) maybe you said something stupid to turn him off? You’re frustrated because you might be wasting your time with someone who doesn’t like you? What is under that concern of why isn’t he calling me?

Fear Isn’t Real

The underlying story is what you want to get to. Once you can answer that, work with that. The more you work with that, the more you can see it for what it is – a fear, a worry, a frustration? Remember, fear is not real. It’s just a story too – False Events Appearing Real. Once you’ve drilled down, it’s easier to let those stories go, to see them for what they truly are. Stories. If you need help letting them go or understanding them, that’s perfectly fine. There are plenty of good healers, coaches etc who can assist you with that. Journaling is a good way to start drilling down. Write your first story, then keep asking what’s under it. Keep going until you can’t go any further.

It takes practice to get under the story because first you have to be aware you are telling stories, what they are and then drill down for more answers so you can truly let them go. When someone says, “Don’t worry about it,” it never helps, does it?  They’re just words. They’re not helping you understand why it’s better not to worry about it. Yeah, you know you shouldn’t, it’s not good for your health, ya-di-ya-di-ya, but that’s not the real answer. The real answer is fear isn’t real. Underneath almost every question or concern is fear. Keep digging til you get there, cuz you will. Trust me on that one.

We Want Answers to Feel Safe

We want answers to feel safe, to know the outcome, to be reassured that we’ll be ok, that our life will turn out alright. That’s why so many people get psychic readings. Any good psychic will tell you that’s what they see for you today, but you can change that outcome in the blink of an eye. Why? Because nothing is written in stone because we have free will. Because we have free will there are no absolutes. We want absolutes, we want certainty, but the truth is you control your life, your destiny with your feelings, your thoughts, your words, your stories.

To truly get what you desire, to manifest, having ten psychic readings isn’t going to answer it for you. I’m not knocking psychic readings because I do them and they serve a purpose. But if you want to get what you truly desire, start looking to yourself for answers because only you really have them.

What’s Under That Story?

How you get the answers is to first examine your stories. Then get to the underlying stories. Keep peeling back that onion. What’s under that? What’s under that? And what’s under that?

Then you can get in the driver’s seat and realize you control your life. It’s not what I tell you or any psychic tells you. It’s not what you heard the preacher say in church. You write your life story by the stories you tell. Get to the bottom of them so you can let go of the underlying fear. False Events Appearing Real. Fear is an illusion, it’s a story too. Keep digging until you get there. Then let it go. Then you can re-write your stories, your life, the way you truly want it to be. Once you get the hang of it, it’s like taking the training wheels off your bike.

You got this! Wee!  I’m free!