Don’t Get Focused on the Rear View Mirror

When we’re driving, what’s the safest direction that our eyes should be? Forward. All kinds of things could be happening in front of you so best to keep your eyes forward.  To avoid potential collisions behind us we’re also taught to keep an eye on the rear-view mirror. We can’t stay glued to the rear-view mirror or we might rear-end someone in front of us.  Or not see any other number of things that could transpire.

The same is true of life.

Keep Looking Forward

It’s always best to keep our view forward vs behind.  In other words, stay tuned to your future, not your past. Actually, it’s best to stay in the present, but to keep moving forward, we also need to pay attention to what’s ahead of us.

Plan your future. Visualize your future. Manifest your future. But don’t stay there all of the time. As I said, the best things happen in the present. If we stay in the future, we’ll miss the present.

The same can be said of the past.

Don’t stay in the past either. If you had to choose where to put more of your focus – past or future – I’d vote for future. Staying in the past gets us hung up. We tend to stay in regret or blame or any other number of negative emotions. It’s simply not productive.

Like driving, it’s ok to cast your eyes in the rear-view mirror, aka the past, at times, but for the safest and best outcome keep your eyes and focus forward. It will produce better results.

The other night when I was meditating, I was getting more memories of my past. Not pleasant ones either. Since I’ve been on a journey of release work this is common. I get the memories then I work on releasing them.

The Goal isn’t to Re-experience the Pain too

Sometimes, though, enough is enough. I get tired of feeling bad about things. Because I, like so many people, especially women, feel guilty when I don’t act the nicest. I get tired of re-experiencing that. Yeah, I get it, I could’ve been nicer in this instance or more compassionate another time. We all make mistakes. It’s just not always easy for me to “just let it go” without feeling some remorse or regret. Again, like so many of us, I tend to beat myself up over past behaviors.

You could say, “Well at least it shows you have a conscience.” True, it does. But that’s not the point. I do care, I do have a conscience, but then I take it further by beating myself up over it. When doing release work part of the point is to let go of the regrets. Not show you so that you can re-live all of the pain. It happened, now move on. That sounds cold but that’s what my soul is trying to tell me.  Right now, I just heard that.

Part of the goal of release work is just that. You did it, you wish you hadn’t, you don’t want to repeat it. So, let it go. Just like the theme song of Frozen, LET IT GO. That song got kind of annoying because it was repeated so often but it’s true. Don’t hold on, let it go. While you’re letting the memories go and the stuck energy, also let go of your regrets.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up Over the Past

These memories aren’t brought back to your consciousness to beat yourself up over. They’re brought to you so that you can let them go. No questions asked. Like a store return policy. We don’t care why you’re returning it, but you are so here’s your money back. You don’t need to care why these memories were brought back to you, just let them go.

If you really need to know why these particular memories came back to you, then you’ll be shown. Sometimes the why is important. Most of the time, it’s not. It’s just another thing to let go of. It’s like cleaning out your closet. You don’t really need to know why you bought certain things you just need to know that you don’t want them anymore. Put them in the throw out or donate pile.

Put your negative emotions around the memories in the throw out pile too. They no longer serve you. It’s time to remove that energy from your field. Using the organization analogy again, organizers always stress that you’ll feel better when you clear things out. It’s true. Who doesn’t feel better with a cleaned-out closet or drawer?

Don’t Cry Over that Sweater, Give it Away!

The same is true with old painful memories. You’ll feel better when you let them go, even something that just happened yesterday that you’re trying to forget. Just don’t linger over them while letting them go. Not if lingering includes regret, remorse etc. If you want to give them a teary goodbye like giving away your favorite sweater that no longer fits, that’s ok. Have a little cry, then let it go. Put it in that throw-out pile. Don’t store that sweater away only to pull it out on occasion so that you can cry over it. If it’s that upsetting, let it go. Let someone else enjoy it.

Some regret is normal like, “Oh, darn, I wish I had bought that when it was on sale!” It’s when we get paralyzed with regret or brought to tears with remorse that it no longer serves us. My guides are right: it happened, it’s over, move on. There’s nothing to see here. Move along.

When you can’t, then ask for those memories to be put on hold. You can deal with them at a later date. For now, look forward. Stop checking your rear-view mirror constantly. That can lead to a crash. Stay safe!

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