Turn off Your Evil Twin

Ever have those days where you just can’t shut your brain off? No matter what you do, your mind keeps talking to you? About your fears, your worries. “When is he going to call me?” “IS he going to call me?” etc etc etc. Your mind goes round and round looping for answers.

That’s the thing about a loop – it never ends. And it never goes anywhere except in a loop. It doesn’t break the loop. When your thoughts repeat like that with the same or similar worries and fears over and over, your mind is trapped in a loop. That’s all it is. A loop of repetitive thoughts.

It’s not you. It’s not the truth. It’s your fears and worries. Fears and worries can come true, especially if we put that much energy into them. They can also not come true. If you don’t give them much energy. Or none at all. Which do you choose?

When you’re worried about something like if your boyfriend will call you back after a fight, it’s easy to spend days worrying and questioning if he will or not. Same with fear of getting laid off. You can spend hours and hours worrying about losing your job.

You Need a Break from your Thoughts

Your mental health deserves some peace. You deserve not to have these constant pesky thoughts looping around your mind. You owe it to yourself to turn them off.

But, how do you do that?

When you tell your friend or family member you’re upset and you can’t turn off these thoughts they glibly reply, “Just ignore them!” That helped a lot? Right? Not. Like you could do that. If you could, you would have already!

You really owe it to yourself not to spend your mental energy fretting. It’s not fair to you. You have better things you could be doing. You have happier states of mind you could be in. Not this constant worry. Even if you’re able to distract yourself for a while, the thoughts come back. Now what?

Technique #1

The first technique I recommend is distraction. Yep, just like a toddler. Every time you have an annoying thought think or do something else.

If you’re into physical fitness or you like punishing yourself, every time you have one of those thoughts, “Give me ten!” Get on the floor and do ten pushups or sit ups or jumping jacks. Just do something physical. Take a walk.

Get it done! Put your mind on something you have to do. What’s on your to-do list today? What do you have to get done? For home or work?

Get busy! Do some busy work – for your job or home. Get down and dirty – scrub the kitchen floor, clean out a closet, weed the garden. Do something to change gears. Make those phone calls you know you need to make but put off.

Just get moving somehow! Whether physically or mentally.

Technique #2

Take a mental vacation. Immediately switch your thought to something pleasant. Like a beach or your favorite vacation spot. Or a nice dinner you recently had. Think something to put a smile on your face.

Or meditate if you can do that. Put on a guided meditation if need be. Chill out. Pull back.

Technique #3

Change your frequency – music can uplift us. It definitely can change our energy and state of mind. Increase your frequency with uplifting music. Don’t put on some sad country song about breaking up if you’re worried about your boyfriend calling you back. That won’t help!

Go for your favorites. Your fun music. The kind that puts you in a happy space.

Technique #4

Hit it head on. Instead of distracting your mind or “just ignoring” those thoughts, deal with them straight up. Label them your “evil twin” or that “devil that sits on your shoulder” or anything similar that has a negative meaning.

That way next time those thoughts pop up you can tell yourself, “That’s my evil twin, Ezmerelda (fill in the blank with a name), talking. She’s going to try to get me to listen to her but I know it’s her messing with me so I’m not listening!”

She’ll be sneaky to get you to listen to her. You’ll be chillin’ and she’ll come skipping into your head again. Nope. Not gonna have it. It’s her again. Just tell her, “It’s YOU again! Go away!”

Once you know that’s not you talking but your evil twin, which is disguised as your worries and fears (I told you she was sneaky!), it’ll be much easier to ignore her. Now you’re in control. You don’t have to listen to her if you don’t want to. You don’t have to let her rule you.

Be as nice or as mean to her as you want. You can gently and nicely ask her to go away or you call tell her to eff off! Whatever works for you. Sometimes letting your anger rule isn’t a bad thing because anger is a motivator. Anger generally spurs us into action. If getting mad at that evil twin makes you mad, then let her have it. Tell her she’s not welcome in your head! There’s not room for two here so she has to go.

When those pesky, irritating, crazy-making thoughts loop around in our minds, we gotta do something to turn them off.

When we don’t turn them off is when we give into addictions. Even if it’s only for the ten minutes it took to eat that bag of chips or finish off the ice cream. We all know about stress eating or stress shopping or anything else – it feels/tastes good at the time but later we regret it. The scale goes up. The credit card bills come in. You name it. That’s a whole other subject, but giving into them in the moment also isn’t worth it.

We can be prone to do stupid things when faced with the evil twin. Like calling your boyfriend when you know he’s still fuming. Or driving too fast and getting a speeding ticket. You get the picture.

They can drive us to the point of distraction that we mess up at work. Or forgot what we were doing and doubled a critical ingredient while cooking. Or even bigger consequences.

Bottom line is, pesky, worrisome thoughts don’t serve us. Letting them run our minds can cause minimal damage or something much bigger. Either way, they’re not fun. We haven’t even discussed what they do to us physically. Can’t sleep at night, can’t lose weight, tight muscles, headaches, constricted bowels and the list goes on.  When you notice any of those signs, your body is talking to you. It’s screaming at you to turn off that evil twin! Tell her to go home. Go back where she came from. You don’t care where that is, as long as it’s not in your head!

Several tried and true solutions were offered – distraction by changing your thoughts, music etc. Not every technique works for everybody. And sometimes one doesn’t work, but another one will. Try this latest one – the evil twin trick. Maybe it’ll appeal to you. Maybe it’ll work for you. It doesn’t hurt to try. Anything to silence those pesky thoughts easily!

If you’re not sure if it’s you or your evil twin asking, how do you know? Ask your intuition.

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